A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3031

Wei Guang’s deep words echoed slowly.
But Wei Chen’s heart was cold at that time. He paled and whispered in anxious tone: “Keluo Er, he is only thirty years old this year~”
“Brother, this is not the time to be indecisive. Don’t forget, you are not only a father, but the head of the entire family. If you don’t say that, our entire family
I’m afraid I won’t survive. ”
“Now you just abandon one person, but you can get the whole family to survive.”
“Which is more important, I believe you have your own decision in your heart.” Wei Guang’s old face was gloomy and anxiously persuaded his elder brother.
Wei Chen stood still, but was silent for a long time. However, looking at his expression, you know what kind of pain and entanglement he has in his heart at this moment.
“Okay, brother, I’m just talking about the worst-case scenario.”
“Maybe, if Mr. Chu sees our Wei family apologizes sincerely, and if it has not caused a major disaster, he will spare Xiaoluo and our Wei family.”
“The most important thing now is to seize the time to go to Yanjing.”
“If you wait for Xiao Luo to cause a catastrophe there, it will be too late to say anything by then.”
Wei Guang persuaded again.
Hearing this, Wei Chen only woke up.
“Second brother, you are right.”
“Now, we still have room for recovery.”
“Quick, prepare the car.”
“No, prepare the plane.”
“We fly directly to Yanjing!”
Wei Chen gave the order immediately.
In a short time, the entire Wei family started anxiously.
The deafening hum of the plane trembles the entire estate.
As the largest wealthy family in China Shipping, it is undoubtedly a normal thing for the Wei family to have several family members in the plane.
On the other side, Xujia Manor.
In the hall, Wei Luo still kneeled.
However, the hatred above that expression grew stronger with the passage of time.
As for the others in the hall, they dare not act rashly.
All stay in place, silent, waiting quietly for the development of things.
Outside, it was already dark.
Darkness swept across the whole world like a tide.
Xu Lei also turned on the lights in the room.
After that, he poured another cup of tea to Ye Fan, and then worried: “Brother Xiao Fan, or let’s go first.”
“You have worked hard all day, go back and rest.” Xu Lei persuaded in a low voice.
She persuaded Ye Fan to leave, of course not because she was worried that Ye Fan’s body would not be able to bear it.
It was that the people who were afraid of the Wei family had actually arrived.
At that time, the situation will be really difficult to control.
“Are you ready to slip?”
“Aren’t you quite arrogant just now?”
“They also threatened not to fear the Xu family, the Lu family, or the people of the world?”
“Why have you waited a while before you are ready to run away?”
Hearing Xu Lei’s words, Wei Luo on the side suddenly grinned.
“you shut up!”
“I’m just worried about my Xiao Fan brother’s body.” Xu Lei said angrily.
She knew that Ye Fan was a proud temper, so she obliquely persuaded Ye Fan to retreat.
But now, Wei Luo is stimulating Ye Fan with such words. This should have been retired, and it is estimated that Ye Fan will not leave.
“Stop talking nonsense here.”
“You just want to find a reason to run away.”
“But you can’t run away.”
“When the people from my Wei family arrive, you will flee to the sky, and we will also get you out!”
“At that time, I will let you men and women, it is better to live than to die~”
Even though Wei Luo was forced to kneel, he still yelled violently.
The vicious sound of scolding echoed throughout the hall.
However, at this time, Ye Fan shouted in a low voice.
Then, he slapped it.
Wei Luo screamed, broken teeth mixed with blood, and immediately vomited on the ground.
“Brother Luo~”
“Bad son, do you dare to beat my Luo brother?”
“When the strong from my Luo family arrives, none of you can escape, neither can escape~”

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