A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3032

“Especially you, Xu Lei, you white-eyed wolf, colluding with outsiders and messing up the family.”
“When the people of the Wei family kill the country boy, I will sell you to someone else as a prostitute!”
At this time, Xu Meifeng ran over without knowing it, supporting Wei Luo while cursing at Ye Fan, Xu Lei and others.
Ye Fan was expressionless and shook his head and whispered: “I rarely do anything to women, unless this person is really damned!”
The cold words contained endless killing intent.
When the words fell, Ye Fan waved his hand into a knife, and was about to cut down at Xu Meifeng.
“Brother Xiaofan, don’t~” Xu Lei shouted anxiously and hurriedly stopped.
“Leier, such a snake and scorpion, why do you protect her?”
“You treat her extremely well, and she won’t appreciate it!” Ye Fan asked coldly.
“Brother Xiaofan, I know what you said. But after all, she is the only daughter of my second uncle. Over the years, my second uncle has treated me very well. If she dies, I am afraid of my second uncle.
Uncle will be sad~” Xu Lei lowered her head, begging bitterly, asking Ye Fan to forgive Xu Meifeng for her life.
Ye Fan was finally persuaded by Xu Lei.
The palm strength of her hand was weakened by a few points, and Xu Meifeng was flew out with a nosebleed.
“This time, for Leier’s plea, I will save you again.”
“In the future, if you don’t insult Xiao Lei any more, I will cut your head on top!”
Ye Fan’s words are cold and stern, making people feel like falling into an ice cellar.
Within a few breaths, both Wei Luo and Xu Meifeng were beaten by Ye Fan for half their lives.
The man and the woman were lying on the ground, looking like a dead dog.
“Brother Xiaofan, should we stop here today?”
“Let’s go quickly.”
“I’m really worried, when the Wei family arrives, they will…”
Ye Fan’s shot again made Xu Lei even more worried.
This time, she didn’t mean anything, and directly persuaded Ye Fan, hoping that Ye Fan would leave here and avoid Wei Jiafeng.
“Leier, it doesn’t matter.”
“Just the Wei family, why can’t you stop me.”
“Just watch with peace of mind and look at your brother Xiao Fan, the real majesty!”
“After this turmoil, no one will dare to deceive you in this hot summer land.” Ye Fan’s words were low, but powerful.
“Sorry pen?”
“Really majesty?”
“You are a nouveau riche, a poor boy who walks out of the poor country, do you have the majesty of a fart?”
“You want to die outside, don’t hurt our Xu family.”
Hearing this, the Xu family were no longer calm. With fear and disgust on their faces, they cursed at Ye Fan.
“Xu Lei, look at the good man you brought!”
“If our Xu family is implicated because of this, it is thanks to you.”
“I see what you have in the future, to meet your parents and the ancestors of the Xu family?”
“My Xu family has such descendants, it is really the great misfortune of my Xu family~”
In the hall, the elders of the Xu family scolded one after another, and the old faces were full of anxiety and panic.
Compared with Ye Fan, it is undoubtedly the Wei family’s power that makes the Xu family more afraid.
After all, the Wei family is the No. 1 giant in China Shipping. Looking at the entire China, the Mo family can be compared with it.
But now, the prince of the Wei family was beaten to blood in their Xu family manor, which would undoubtedly greatly anger the Wei family.
When the time comes, when the members of the Wei family are furious, they will inevitably lead the Xu family.
Therefore, they were naturally afraid and scolded Xu Lei one after another, leading the disaster to the family.
“You family sinner~”
“You go!”
“You are not welcome here…”
“Going to die outside, don’t involve us…”
Suddenly, Ye Fan and Xu Lei were accused by thousands of husbands.
The harsh scolding echoed throughout the Xujia Manor.
Under everyone’s insults, Xu Lei lowered her head in ashamed.
In the hall of Nuo Da, only Ye Fan stood proudly.
His body is straight, his eyebrows are deep, and the whole person is like a spear standing upright, facing endless wind and rain alone.

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