A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 311

When Qiu Mucheng lost her mind, that figure had already walked into the Qiu family hall and arrived in front of Qiu Mucheng.
He ignored the gazes of everyone, let alone the angry scolding of Old Man Qiu and others, just like this, under the eyes of everyone, he stretched out his hand towards Qiu Mucheng.
“Ye… Ye Fan?”
At that moment, when Qiu Mucheng was held by Ye Fan, she only felt that she was holding the entire world.
Suddenly, all the panic and loneliness before was gone.
It was as if a cruise ship had stopped at the harbor, and it was as if duckweed had found sustenance.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t know why. When Ye Fan appeared, her heart felt extremely stable, as if she had found a harbor she could rely on.
“Mucheng, sorry, I’m late.”
The faint voice was full of guilt and self-blame.
At this moment, Ye Fan was pulling Qiu Mucheng to his side, looking at Qiu Mucheng’s sad and tearful face, Ye Fan’s eyes were full of pity. At that moment, Ye Fan only felt that his heart was breaking. .
He didn’t expect that the original good intentions would eventually bring so much trouble and insult to Qiu Mucheng. First URL m.
Perhaps he was wrong to persuade Mu Cheng to stay in this pedantic Qiu family.
“You useless, let go of my daughter!”
“Who gave you the courage to hold my daughter’s hand?” Han Li was furious when she saw this scene.
I only feel that my daughter has been tarnished by a hillbilly like Ye Fan.
When the Qiu family saw Ye Fan’s arrival, they were all angry.
“Ye Fan, you are a waste, do you still have a face?”
“Your husband and wife are really thick-skinned!”
“There is no shame.”
“Doing such shameless things, there is no sense of shame?” Qiu Muying was holding her hands and sneered from the side, eyes full of sarcasm and disdain.
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, Ye Fan is a waste of money and he is shameless.”
“But I didn’t expect Third Sister, you, a woman, would be so shameless!”
“I didn’t know how to repent if I did that kind of slanderous thing. I didn’t know how to repent. I even smashed my grandfather just now, but now I am showing off the love with this scumbag in front of the Qiu family?”
“So shameless, the face of my Qiu family has been lost by you!”
Qiu Muying’s words had just fallen, but who would have thought that Ye Fan, who was comforting Qiu Mucheng just now, had already arrived in front of Qiu Muying, and slapped him directly towards Qiu Muying.
The entire Qiu family saw this, but they were all dumbfounded.
Who could have imagined that the humiliation and humiliation used to be used to be inconsistent before, but now they would beat people?
Is he crazy?
Does he really don’t want to hang out in Qiu’s house?
Everyone in the Qiu family shuddered.
As for Qiu Muying herself, she covered her face, stared at her in disbelief, and looked at Ye Fan in disbelief. In the end, Qiu Muying was even more crazy, yelling at Ye Fan: “You are a stubborn farmer. , Dare to hit me?”
“I declare that you are finished.”
“It’s not just you hillbilly, but also that bitch Qiu Mucheng, I declare that you and your husband are all finished~”
Qiu Muying was still screaming, but Ye Fan slapped Qiu Muying to the ground with a slap. At the same time, Ye Fan’s senran voice resounded throughout the Qiu family hall.
“It’s okay to insult me, but not to insult my wife!”
“Now, apologize to Mucheng.”
“Now! f60131e4”
Ye Fan’s words were cold, like a wolf that devours people, but everyone present shivered unconsciously.

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