A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 310

However, the old man Qiu waved his hand: “Don’t interrupt, let her say, I want to see, how many words are still hidden in her heart, Qiu Mucheng?”
Old man Qiu’s expression has completely sunk, but the Qiu family knows that today’s old man is already on the verge of anger.
But Qiu Mucheng still said, her pretty face filled with tears, her beautiful eyes flushed.
She won’t shut up, she wants to say, she wants to say all the grievances and bitterness of so many years.
“Grandpa, I am also your granddaughter. No matter how bad Ye Fan is, he is also a granddaughter-in-law. We don’t ask you to favor it, we only ask you to give us justice.”
“Grandpa, I just want to ask you, what do you believe in what Qiu Muying and his wife said? But why, I have said so much, and you don’t want to believe it? You only believe in what they say?”
“I swear that I have not forced Ye Fan to do anything, and Ye Fan himself will not do anything unfaithful to me. I believe him.”
“Moreover, I will not divorce Ye Fan.”
“Even if you really want to divorce, you shouldn’t make a decision for me.”
“Moreover, even if divorced, I would not marry an old man in his fifties.”
“I’m Qiu Mucheng, it’s not that bad yet! Remember to read in one second
“I have grown up, and I have the right to decide my life.”
“No one has the right to interfere, including you, Grandpa!”
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were full of determination, and every word was utterly loud, echoing in the entire hall!
Father Qiu was undoubtedly going crazy when he heard Qiu Mucheng’s words.
“Well, Qiu Mucheng, I will ask you one last thing, whether you divorce Ye Fanli or not, do you sign this divorce agreement?!”
The words of old man Qiu’s anger trembled everywhere.
“Sign, sign, dad, don’t be angry, I’ll let Mucheng sign.” Han Li said quickly, and then urged Qiu Mucheng to sign, and finally picked up the pen and signed it for Qiu Mucheng.
However, Qiu Mucheng just smiled with tears, she never said anything. Finally, I picked up the agreement and tore it to pieces in front of everyone.
Qiu Mucheng responded in the most direct way to Father Xiang Qiu and the Qiu family!
“Well, Qiu Mucheng, you get out of the Qiu family!”
“After today, you Qiu Mucheng will no longer belong to my Qiu family.”
“My Qiu Zhenglun, no more granddaughter like you~”
The old man Qiu was completely angry, he was trembling when he spoke, and stood up and shouted angrily at Qiu Mucheng.
“I don’t know what is good or bad.”
“This kind of person should be gone!”
“It’s really self-willing to fall, and there is no cure!”
“Get out of Qiu’s house!”
“Never come back again~”
After Mr. Qiu spoke, Wang Qiaoyu and Jiang Hong and others undoubtedly followed and cursed viciously.
Everyone was scolding her, everyone was insulting her, and the entire Qiu family was making her go.
Even his parents were scolding Qiu Mucheng for being incurable for doing such a stupid thing for a waste of money!
Facing what Qian Fu pointed out, at that moment, Qiu Mucheng only felt that she had been abandoned by the world.
There are so many people in the room, but she consciously is the only one left in this world.
Just like a cat in an old alley, huddled alone in the corner, lonely and desolate.
However, at this moment, the closed door of the Qiu family’s old house was suddenly pushed open.
The cold wind from outside blew in and swept the entire hall.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng looked at her teary eyes as if she felt something.
In front of the door, the moonlight was like water, sprinkled all over the place. Under the bright moonlight, a thin and tall figure walked in with firm steps just like that.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng was stunned.
Like a ray of light, tore through the sky and shone in, expelling all the darkness!
She seemed to have seen it again, that night on the top of Mount Tai, who turned the tide in despair and attracted the worship of all the people, who was famous in Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?

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