A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3209

Qiu Mucheng’s voice was not loud, but it fell in the ears of everyone, but it was almost thunderous.
Han Li and the others were just as if they were drunk, and they were dumbfounded on the spot.
It was Qiu Mucheng’s best friend Susie, her beautiful eyes widened, staring at Qiu Mucheng firmly.
For a long time, Su Qian thought that Qiu Mucheng would stay with Ye Fan, not because she really liked him, but she was used to Ye Fan’s existence.
It was the kind of constant family affection that made Qiu Mucheng never abandon Ye Fan.
But now, Susie suddenly didn’t think so.
She knew that her good sister really liked Ye Fan.
Really, hopelessly in love with that man.
“Mountains have no ridges, and the heaven and the earth are in harmony. I dare to be with the king.”
At this moment, Susie’s mind suddenly came up with this sentence.
It was like thunderstorms, endlessly in her mind.
Yes, what difference Qiu Mucheng said just now from this sentence?
Prosperity will never leave, life and death will not abandon.
I will accompany him to rule the world when he is beautiful, and I am willing to accompany him forever when he is in despair.
Susie felt that she should be happy for her good sister.
At least, she found the man who could make her give up everything and go with life and death.
For any woman, this is a happy thing, and it is all enviable.
Because of love, life will be expected again.
However, Susie thought so, Han Li and his wife did not think so.
“You damn girl, you are crazy.”
“Then Ye Fan is unreasonable, you stupid girl, you are still willing to accompany him to death?”
“Are you going to piss me off?”
“My father and I were wise, in the end, why did you give birth to a foolish daughter.”
“We don’t care, you must follow us today.”
“Your skin and hair is from your parents.”
“We disagree, how dare you take risks for him?”
Han Li was like a shrew at this time, yelling at Qiu Mucheng for being stupid and stupid, while walking over to take Qiu Mucheng away forcibly.
But Qiu Mucheng had decided, and she would not bother Han Li and the others.
She pushed Han Li away hard, and then without looking back, she walked towards the place where the five great masters of inequality were located.
She was expressionless, and her cold voice immediately sounded: “Junior Qiu Mucheng is the wife of Ye Fan, the venerable Jiangdong.”
“Now my wife is not in Jiangdong. As Ye Fan’s wife, he has the right to handle all Jiangdong affairs for him when he is away.”
“Several seniors, if you have anything, you can talk to me.”
“In the future when Ye Fan returns, the younger generation will naturally tell it on his behalf.”
“However, before that, I have a few words to tell you from the younger generation.”
“My family, Ye Fan, acts in his life, morality and justice come first.”
“Collaborating with the enemy and treason must be nonsense.”
“I hope my seniors will not be indiscriminate and damage the reputation of my lover!”
Facing the majesty of the five great masters, Qiu Mucheng was fearless and fearless.
A few words, it is neither humble nor overbearing.
Rao Shiyan’s unequal group of old people who have lived for decades can’t help but change slightly when they look at Qiu Mucheng’s gaze.
“That Ye Fan couldn’t escape, one pustule.”
“Unexpectedly, his courage is commendable for his wife.”
“Women don’t let the eyebrows.”
“It’s really a pity.”
“How do flowers stick on the cow dung?”
“If you are not married, the old man can be a matchmaker and introduce you to my grandson.”
“But it’s a pity that you have been ruined by Ye Fan and missed your chance.”
Ke Zhe shook his head and said, looking at Qiu Mucheng’s gaze, it was a pity.
“However, even if you have a deep love for Ye Fan, you don’t have to defend him anymore.”
“His collaborating with the enemy and treason has already been a conclusion.”
“If you want to try to treat him leniently, I advise you to tell him not to hide, and quickly ask him to plead guilty.”
“Maybe, my Huaxia Wushen Temple, thinking about his youthful spirit, will spare him not to die.”
Ke Zhe said in a deep voice, and his words were full of condescending meaning.

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