A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 321

At this time, Ye Fan was driving the Porsche Panamera that Qiu Mucheng was equipped with in the company. The exquisite interior was full of luxury. The two headlights in the front of the car shone like two lanterns in the deep dark night. The yellow light tears through the sky like a sword.
After Qiu Mucheng accepted the appointment, Zhang Xiaosong and the others undoubtedly left, and before leaving, they greeted Qiu Mucheng enthusiastically, indicating that we will see you soon.
After Zhang Xiaosong and others left, Qiu Mucheng’s family naturally did not stay at the Qiu’s house.
Now that Qiu Mucheng has undoubtedly collapsed completely with the Qiu Family, why bother to seek a different way?
So soon the Qiu Mucheng family drove the brand new Porsche and left amidst the gazes of everyone in the Qiu family fearing Chen.
Before leaving, Qiu Mucheng didn’t say a word to the Qiu family, and there was no need to say it again.
Qiu Mucheng had already said enough to the Qiu family about what to say and what to say.
As Qiu Mucheng said before, she doesn’t owe the Qiu Family anything, she has a clear conscience to the Qiu Family!
The wheels are speeding. It is the first time for Han Li Qiulei and his wife to ride in such a luxurious car.
But Qiu Mucheng didn’t care about this, she cared more about the scene that happened tonight, what was going on.
“Ye Fan, are you talking?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“I am asking you!”
Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan who was driving aside again.
Although logically speaking, Ye Fan couldn’t be clear about what happened tonight.
After all, Ye Fan was just a little man from the countryside, and he was still a son-in-law, Zhang Xiaosong was afraid that he had never heard of such people, so how could he know him?
But Qiu Mucheng didn’t know why. He always had a feeling that the man in front of him must know something about tonight.
“Mucheng, are you stupid?”
“He’s useless, you ask him? He knows a fart!”
“If you want me to tell, it must be Mr. Xu secretly helping.”
“My daughter is both talented and beautiful. Of course, Mr. Xu has to receive such a talent that is rare in a century and use it for himself.”
“It’s ridiculous, my daughter is so talented, your grandpa and they even drove you away?”
“Now that you have been recruited by others for promotion and reuse, it is estimated that their intestines are ruined at the moment.”
Not waiting for Ye Fan to finish, behind him came the triumphant laughter of Han Li and his wife.
Qiu Mucheng suddenly turned around tonight, and took the position of president of 972fa7f6 in one fell swoop. Undoubtedly, Han Li and his wife were completely disgusted in front of the Qiu family.
“Said we are white-eyed wolves? I think your grandfather’s family is a white-eyed wolf.”
“My daughter was struggling to talk about the cooperation with the Hongqi Group, which just got on the right track, and kicked my daughter out.”
“When the money is in hand, the cooperation is also started, and you turn your face away from you?”
“Qiu Lei, look at how dirty your Qiu family is.”
“Fortunately, my Mucheng has a promising future. There are no people here, but there are places to keep them.”
“It’s just a pity that the 50 million order from the Hongqi Group was made. I let those bastards pick up such a big bargain for nothing, so I’m just thinking about it!”
Han Li felt more angry as she thought about it.
My daughter worked hard for a few days, but in the end she succeeded others and made her a wedding gown. Who is offended by this matter?
“Okay, don’t say a few words.” Qiulei couldn’t hear Han Li say bad things about her father, and mumbled there.
“Why? Are you still fighting the injustice for your bewildered father? Am I wrong? How much my family Mucheng paid to your Qiu family, but the result, without gratitude, let Mucheng go out. This is What are people doing?”

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