A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 320

When seeing the people they once disdain, but now they have reached a height that almost all of them would look up, the jealousy and loss in the Qiu family’s hearts is almost beyond words.
“Mucheng, what are you still doing in a daze?”
“Hurry up and sign the appointment letter!”
“God bless our family.”
“The sky does not kill our family.”
“Millions of luxury cars, the annual salary is ten times higher than the chairman of Qiu’s company?”
“How much does that cost?”
“Our family has been bullied for so long, and today it is finally going to be transferred.”
“In the future, I won’t have to look at some people’s faces anymore.” First website m.
After hearing those words of Zhang Xiaohong, Han Li and his wife were undoubtedly agitated.
Even if Xuan stood up from the ground, he no longer pretended to be pitiful and begged Qiu’s forgiveness. He changed his face in an instant, with a smooth smile, looking at everyone in the Qiu family, humming coldly: “Huh, I really thought We Mucheng can’t live without you?”
“Hurry up with our Mucheng, you think we are willing to stay here!”
“I tell you, this piece of gold in my Mucheng will shine everywhere.”
“Without the Qiu family, not only will our family not be downright, but life will be better.”
“What shit Qiujia, we don’t want to wait!”
Just now, Han Li was worried that Qiu Mucheng could not find a place to settle down after leaving the Qiu family and could not make any money. The two of them would also suffer the crime, so they begged grandpa to tell grandma not to drive Qiu Mucheng away.
But now, Qiu Mucheng has a better destination, and they still beg for a fart.
It’s better to leave the Qiu’s family. Their family will no longer be bound. Whether Qiu Mucheng is divorced or not, Mr. Qiu has no right to interfere. When the time comes, the couple will be able to find a rich second-generation son-in-law for Qiu Mucheng. Their family undoubtedly embarked on the pinnacle of life.
The more Han Li thinks about it, the more he feels that the future is brighter. Naturally, what he said is even more unobstructed. Everyone in the Qiu Family who scolded them was blushing, but they could not say a word.
As the saying goes, wicked people have their own wicked grind, maybe this is the truth.
However, even if her parents tried to persuade her, Qiu Mucheng still hesitated, her brows in panic, she couldn’t believe that these were true, and she didn’t even dare to sign the appointment agreement and take up her post.
After all, all this happened too suddenly, Qiu Mucheng naturally couldn’t accept it for a while.
In the end, Ye Fan stepped forward and took a look at the employment contract, and finally smiled at Qiu Mucheng, “Mucheng, this contract is okay, and the treatment is good, and Mr. Zhang and the others are sincere. , Don’t refuse and sign.”
“Don’t you always want to wait for an opportunity to make a big splash?”
“Don’t you always want a stage to show your talents?”
“Now it’s coming.”
“Why do you refuse?”
Ye Fan’s faint voice seemed to have a special magical power. Qiu Mucheng looked at the indifferently smiling man in front of him, and his panic inside gradually calmed down.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng nodded, and under everyone’s attention, accepted the offer of Mufan Real Estate.
On the way home, Qiu Mucheng recalled what had happened just now, still feeling like a dream.
I thought that tonight would be the gloomiest moment for me, but who would have thought that it would turn out to be the most proud moment for Qiu Mucheng in front of the Qiu family for so many years.
It’s just that, obviously they have never met Zhang Xiaosong, why did they come to find themselves?
“Ye Fan, tell me honestly, what is going on?”
With full of doubts, Qiu Mucheng’s eyes finally fell on Ye Fan after all.

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