A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 323

The old house of the autumn family.
Qiu Mucheng had already left, but there was still a silent silence in the old house.
Looking at the Qiu Mucheng family who were riding away in the million-dollar luxury car, Jiang Hong and the Qiu family were undoubtedly uncomfortable.
Qiu Guang was even more confused.
I have always thought that Zhang Xiaosong is Qiu Guang’s predecessor in the business world who is considered an idol.
But now, even this kind of business tycoon is willing to bow his head under Qiu Mucheng’s hands, Qiu Guang has to be curious, could it be that Qiu Mucheng’s body really has any huge personality charm?
Moreover, if they hadn’t expelled Qiu Mucheng from the Qiu family today, wouldn’t it mean that Zhang Xiaosong and Xia Donghai might all be employed under their Qiushui Logistics banner?
Thinking of this, Qiu Guang is undoubtedly even more lost.
I just feel that they have probably lost a huge opportunity just now.
“Father, we drove away Mucheng, did we really do something wrong?”
Qiu Guang looked at the old man, but in that deep voice was full of sadness. First URL m.
Mr. Qiu’s face was pale, and he sat there feebly, as if he had grown many years old in an instant. The old face full of vicissitudes of life also contained inexplicable emotions.
Faced with Qiu Guang’s question, he remained silent for a long time.
At this time, the atmosphere in the entire Qiu family house was extremely low.
After all, before this, who could have thought that with so many people in their Qiu family, they would be slapped in the face by the most useless youngest family.
This face is still so heavy.
However, Wang Qiaoyu couldn’t see that Qiu Mucheng’s family was good. At this time, he was still trying to belittle them: “His uncle, how can you say that?”
“Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan’s mischievous misconduct and ruined my Qiu family style, shouldn’t they be expelled from the house?”
“As for the president of a real estate company, the name is not small. I think it is a fur company. I have seen too many fur companies. I can register a company for a few thousand dollars. It will go bankrupt in a few months, there is nothing to envy.”
“Besides, don’t believe in the nonsense that Zhang Xiaosong just said, just brag.”
“If this so-called real estate company is really so powerful, how can it look for a small person like Qiu Mucheng, who is inexperienced, capable and backgroundless, to take charge of the overall situation?”
“But his fourth aunt, the million-dollar luxury car is there. If it’s a shell company, how can you buy such an expensive car?”
“Our Qiushui Logistics is the most expensive Audi A6, right?” Someone in the Qiu family questioned.
Wang Qiaoyu snorted: “Can’t afford it, can they still not rent it? The car was rented after refurbishing the 945d89e8 in the second-hand car market.”
“Furthermore, my Wenfei family is in the real estate industry. If this company is really powerful, Wenfei will definitely have heard of it.”
While speaking, Wang Qiaoyu looked at Chu Wenfei on the side again, and then asked: “Wenfei, have you heard of that real estate company just now?”
Chu Wenfei shook his head without even thinking about it: “No. Designated to be a small broken company, otherwise, I must have heard of it.”
Hearing what Wang Qiaoyu said, everyone in the Qiu family suddenly felt a lot of balance.
“Okay, don’t worry about how other people’s lives are going well, just take care of ourselves.”
“Muying, in the next few years, whether our Qiushui Logistics can become bigger and stronger depends on your cooperation project with Hongqi Group.”

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