A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 324

“Work hard. Our Qiu family has finally won this cooperation. Now it is in your hands. Don’t let us down.”
Qiu Guang solemnly ordered.
When he said this, his face was not red and his heart beat.
I really don’t know, it was clearly Qiu Mucheng’s single-handed collaboration. When did the Qiu family win it?
This Qiuguang is also embarrassed to say.
But it didn’t make much sense to say that, Qiu Mucheng had already left the Qiu family, and whether this cooperation was good or bad naturally had nothing to do with her.
Soon, everyone in the old house of the Qiu family also left.
The night passed quickly, and early the next morning, Qiu Mucheng was going to report to the new company.
Last night, she had a general understanding of Mufan Real Estate on the Internet.
It’s a newly established company. The company is not big, but it is definitely bigger than Qiushui Logistics, which has assets of only 10 to 20 million. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, what makes Qiu Mucheng experience is that although the temple of this Mufan real estate is small, the executives in it are almost all business elites.
Like Zhang Xiaosong and Xia Donghai, they were the economic figures of the year in Yunzhou last year.
To be able to recruit so many talents into a company, Qiu Mucheng had to wonder how much energy the head of Mufan Real Estate must have.
Soon after Qiu Mucheng came and left, Han Li and his wife also left.
The couple didn’t have much work on weekdays. Except for playing mahjong and going to the mall, Qiu Mucheng used to spend almost half of her salary on them.
And Ye Fan returned to the study after finishing the housework and took out his cell phone to chat with Old Han.
“Old Han, this Xiaosong, Xia Donghai and others are also the “sparks” we invested in?”
Before heading to Anning County, Ye Fan had asked Xu Lei to help prepare this Mufan property.
Although Xu Lei helped most of the establishment of this new company, the key part of it was naturally Ye Fan’s masterpiece.
Just like this Xiaosong, he was the CEO of a tens of billions of state-owned enterprises before. Let this business tycoon condescend to lay hands on a fledgling yellow-haired girl, even if Xu Lei came forward to talk about the matter, he couldn’t ask him.
Therefore, at the moment when he saw him, Ye Fan realized that it was Lao Han who had brought him.
Ye Fan did call before and asked Old Han to pick a few talents to assist Qiu Mucheng in running the company.
However, when he heard Ye Fan’s question, Old Han shook his head and vetoed on the phone: “Little Lord, this Zhang Xiaosong, we did invest in him a few years ago, but it can only be regarded as a failure. The work is not a member of the “Spark” project.”
“I ignored this person before, and found it useless. Now that the young master needs it, I simply contacted him and asked him to come over.”
Ye Fan listened, nodded, hum.
“This Xiaosong is almost fifty years old, and he has only become the CEO of a tens of billions group. It is indeed a failed work. No wonder I have no impression of him.”
Everyone in the “Spark” project was carefully selected by Ye Fan, and of course he was deeply impressed. Like the Jiangdong King Chen Ao, Ye Fan recognized him at first sight.
And Zhang Xiaosong is Ye Fan’s failed work. Such a person is normal without an impression.
In the study, Ye Fan smiled softly.
If others hear him chatting with Old Han, they will probably be pissed off.
Ten billion boss, head of state-owned enterprise, annual economic figure of Yunzhou?
No matter which identity is taken out, it is enough to scare a vote to death.
However, in the eyes of Ye Fan, this Zhang Xiaosong, who has countless glories in one, can only be regarded as a failure?
Damn it, can you be more awesome?

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