A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 328

“I have already thought about it for you. You don’t need to take any baby, as long as you…”
Li Er chatted on the phone for a while.
When Ye Fan heard the end, he smiled and replied: “Yes, my second child. You are the business savvy, you deserve to make money.”
“Okay, I promise you. I can give you what you want, and you can just auction it when the time comes. As for the auction scene, I won’t go there, I don’t bother to go.”
Li Er chuckled: “Mr. Chu, don’t worry about not going. Believe it or not, can you not go if you go?”
“Huh?” Ye Fan was stunned, wondering what Li Er’s words meant.
Li Er didn’t say anything more, after asking Mr. Chu hello, he hung up the phone with a smile on his face.
After hanging up, Li Er summoned Jinbao and Yinbao.
“Go, you guys make arrangements, and bring me two “Mid-Autumn Night” invitations and have them send them to Ms. Qiu Muchengqiu. Remember, Ms. Qiu must agree to go there in person.”
“When the time comes, Mrs. Chu is here, and are you afraid that Mr. Chu will not go?”
Li Er had a treacherous smile on his scheming face. Remember to read in one second
He can’t please Mr. Chu. He doesn’t believe in Qiu Mucheng and can’t call him?
Ye Fan’s fear of his wife is well-known in Jiangdong’s circle!
This “Mid-Autumn Night” auction was hosted by his Li Er. If Mr. Chu could personally go over and give him a place in the town, wouldn’t his Li Er be better off.
Chen Ao, Lei San, they should also take a look at themselves.
After all, the current Ye Fan, after the Taishan Wuhui, has stood at the pinnacle of Yunzhou regardless of power and status, and he is now the Lord of Jiangdong.
An auction where all Jiangdong’s Lords participated, this is so much publicity that it will undoubtedly be much higher in an instant.
“With Mr. Chu’s gimmick, when the time comes, at the “Mid-Autumn Night” auction, I see Chen Ao and Lei Lao San, what will they fight with me, Li Lao Er?”
“At that time, my Yunzhou venue will be full of rich people and big men, and it will be very lively. But the Jianghai venue and the Jingzhou venue are very deserted. Chen Ao and Lei San are afraid they will be angry!”
The thought of Chen Ao and others’ bitter expressions made Li’s heart a burst of relief.
At the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction, many cities in Jiangdong will hold 2e32012b.
Not only in Yunzhou, but also in economically developed cities such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Jianghai and Jingzhou every year.
But there are so many wealthy buyers who have the financial resources and energy to bid, and so many cities hold it at once. Of course, Li Lao Er, Chen Ao and others have to find ways to attract those wealthy businessmen to their own territory.
So in the past, at this time of the year, Jiangdong’s Land would stage an overwhelming propaganda war, publicizing the precious auctions in the city where he was located, attracting buyers to settle in.
However, in the past few years, both in terms of financial resources and the quality of the auctions, Li Lao Er was far from Chen Ao and Lei Lao San. Therefore, every time the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction was held in Yunzhou, the venue was extremely deserted. The rich were all snatched away by Chen Ao and the others. Naturally, there was no transaction volume at the Yunzhou auction. After this tossing, Li Er and the others could not make as much money as they spent on setting up the venue?
But fortunately, a real dragon appeared on the boundary of Yunzhou this year.
Li Er has full confidence, relying on Mr. Chu, this real dragon, the Yunzhou venue of the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction will become the brightest star in the land of Jianghai that night!

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Why are certain words cut out and replaced by a number of letters and numbers such as 2e3201b? This is actually ruining this story!

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