A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 33

“Five thousand five…~
“Two hundred thousand.”
Wang Yu hadn’t called out his 155,000, but Ye Fan immediately added another 50,000.
“Two…” Wang Yu wanted to bid again.
“Two hundred and fifty thousand.” Ye Fan faintly pretended to sound again, and slapped Wang Yu’s face severely.
“Three hundred thousand!”
While Wang Yu was still stunned, Ye Fan drank again. This time he didn’t even have a chance to open his mouth. He swept the audience with an invincible momentum, shocking the audience.
This~what special~
Dead silence, the whole audience is dead silent.
“Fuck~Fuck!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Who would have thought that this masked man is so anus.
Bid for yourself!
Even the auctioneer secretly said something in his heart.
Generally in this case, the bidder is not a big fool, that is, a rich man.
The former is really stupid, the latter is really ho! After all, in the eyes of a real rich man, tens of thousands of dollars is a fart? Throw it away.
Under Ye Fan’s continuous price increase, Wang Yu’s old face seemed to have been stunned by Ye Fan. In the end, it died down and did not continue to fight.
“Qianqian, the true value of this hosta is worth tens of thousands. If this idiot wants it, give it to him.” Although Wang Yu said so, his face was very ugly.
“I’m not? People want this hosta.” Lin Qian held her hands firmly.
“Be obedient, give it to him. Husband will take you better.” Wang Yuqiang suppressed his anger and comforted.
In the end, Lin Qian had no choice but to nod her head reluctantly: “That’s it, you want to buy me better.”
So Lin Qian would pass the hairpin to the masked man behind him.
However, the masked man shook his head: “Noble accessories, worthy of noble women.”
“Please give this hairpin to the gorgeous lady in the purple dress next to you.”
“On the entire auction floor, there is only this beautiful lady with this noble accessory.”
A slightly hoarse voice echoed the entire hall.
All of a sudden, the whole landscape museum was silent.
And Qiu Mucheng was even more sluggish for an instant, stunned in the same place, with incredible expressions in her eyebrows: “Send it to me…
When Lin Qian heard this, she was struck by lightning, and her eyes widened.
“Send… to her?”
“Is there any mistake? Her husband is just a waste. What is she noble? If I am not noble, why don’t you give it to me?” Lin Qian clasped the hairpin tightly again, but this time she did not let go.
The auctioneer couldn’t stand it anymore, and urged from the side: “This lady, this hairpin is no longer yours. Please follow the gentleman’s instructions and give it to the noble lady next to you.”
However, what the auctioneer Ren said, Lin Qian would not let go. Still unwilling to give the hairpin to Qiu Mucheng. In the end, the auctioneer walked over and grabbed the hairpin box from her arms and handed it to Qiu Mucheng.
“The hostess presents beautiful women, and the sword matches the hero.”
“This noble lady, please accept that gentleman’s gift to you.”
“Just as the gentleman said, the only woman present is you, with this noble hairpin!”
The auctioneer’s crisp voice echoed, and the colorful spotlight passed. At this time, Qiu Mucheng was sitting under the spotlight, which was undoubtedly the eye-catching and envied countless women.
Lin Qian on the side was almost mad.
A second ago, she was still showing off like Qiu Mucheng that only she was qualified to own this hosta, but the next second, this royal hosta was already on Qiu Mucheng’s body.
The reality in front of her was undoubtedly like a slap on her face, but it was hot and painful.
“I envy that young lady!”
“Mom, I will also be as beautiful as that young lady in the future, as a star.”
At this moment, everyone in the whole hall was undoubtedly looking at the woman in the purple dress. Under the colorful spotlight, the stunning girl was so dazzling and dazzling at this moment.
It attracted the envy of countless women and made countless men admire it.

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