A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 32

Especially tonight’s Qiu Mucheng, under the cover of a purple self-cultivation dress, her temperament is even more noble. The beautiful face with a touch of coldness, the delicate and slender jade legs under the skirt resemble suet jade, and the silver-white high heels make Qiu Mucheng tonight a bit more sexy and charming for mature women. That’s why Qiu Mucheng attracted everyone’s attention when she appeared before.
However, this undoubtedly makes Lin Qian, who has always been narcissistic, extremely unhappy. For tonight’s auction, Lin Qian deliberately dressed up at home for a long time. With her appearance, Lin Qian thought that she would be the focus of the audience, but the appearance of Qiu Mucheng undoubtedly suppressed her limelight. She was clear. I felt that even my husband looked at Qiu Mucheng intentionally or unintentionally.
This undoubtedly made Lin Qian even more jealous of Qiu Mucheng.
When she was in college, Qiu Mucheng was squeezed into the limelight. Now that she has entered the society, how could Lin Qian willingly become a foil, naturally trying to make Qiu Mucheng embarrassed.
“Mucheng, the most important thing about being a human being is the beauty of your soul. You said that no matter how good you look, it’s nothing more than satisfying your vanity.”
“Furthermore, you should also know what your own financial situation is. It is necessary to save money for several months just to buy a brand-name clothes. Isn’t it too vain for your face to be swollen and fat? Save it and do something good like me to support the construction of impoverished mountainous areas?”
Lin Qian said earnestly, but her expression was like the godfather of life, telling Qiu Mucheng the truth, but the ugliness in her heart was unknown.
Qiu Mucheng’s face was already thin, but now that Lin Qian is so ironic, her pretty face is naturally even more red. However, before Qiu Mucheng can explain anything, Lin Qian continued to say to herself: “Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot, the things here are not for you either.”
“Like this white jade hairpin, a European royal accessory, a symbol of identity and status. It is only suitable for women in the upper class like me, right?”
“But don’t worry, Mucheng, what’s the relationship between us? When I put on this hairpin in a while, I will let you see it up close.”
Lin Qian smiled triumphantly, as proud as a princess, as if the white jade hairpin had been worn on her head. First URL m.
“Sixty thousand, is there a higher price than this gentleman?”
“If not, then this hairpin is…”
At this time, the voice of the auctioneer echoed throughout the hall.
But Lin Qian couldn’t wait a long time ago. Before the auctioneer hit the hammer, he ran up and hugged the exquisite box with the hairpin.
“Seven thousand!”
However, at this moment, a faint voice sounded quietly among the crowd.
“Huh?” Wang Yu frowned, looked back at the masked man behind him, and continued, “Seven thousand five!”
“One hundred thousand.” The masked man was still calm, quietly sounding.
“Fuck, I added 30,000 directly, awesome!”
In a moment, the whole hall became quiet.
Wang Yu’s face was a bit ugly at this time. Now the hairpin has been held in his hands by his wife. If it is finally photographed away, it would be a shame.
“One hundred and five thousand.”
Wang Yu shouted again, then looked at the masked man behind him, and whispered: “Brother, give me a face. My wife likes this hairpin, you see…”
“One hundred and fifty thousand.”
The masked man didn’t even look at him, his indifferent voice was as if a slap directly on Wang Yu’s face, Wang Yu’s face was so hot and painful.
Give you face?
What a slingshot of you!
Acting in front of me, Ye Fan, today I suck your dog face!

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