A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 333

After all, Ye Fan opened the door to them, but naturally he was scolded.
“Are you deaf?”
“So many of us call you, you can’t even pretend to hear?”
“If you don’t want to stay in this house, just follow me!”
“Go back to your country home!”
Han Li gritted her teeth with anger, and cursed at Ye Fan.
Her maiden family finally came to visit, this Ye Fan even showed his maiden family’s face, Han Li of course was angry.
“I don’t have any etiquette. I’m really a countryman and I don’t understand etiquette.”
“Don’t you know how to say hello after seeing my mother?” Han Li shouted at Ye Fan again.
Ye Fan looked around, with an aggrieved look: “Mom, where is anyone? Why didn’t I see your mother’s family coming?”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Han Hai and others were almost furious. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
What does Ye Fan’s remark mean, don’t you treat them as human beings?
“Are you blind, can’t you see my brother standing alone in front of you?” Han Li also scolded angrily.
Ye Fan was stunned. He quickly apologized and looked at Han Hai with a smile: “Oh, it turned out to be uncle.”
“I yelled before, but my uncle didn’t agree. I thought it was because I had bad eyes. 6b92cc13. Now it seems that someone else has bad eyes?”
“Once this person gets old, his hearing and vision will begin to decline, so uncle should pay attention to his health in the future and don’t be too busy with work.”
Ye Fan’s words contained a touch of sarcasm.
“My body, I don’t need a countryman to worry about it!”
Han Hai’s face was green, and he didn’t bother to pay attention to Ye Fan’s thorny words. He gave a cold snort and turned his head downstairs.
“Change the slippers, and then take us to find Mucheng.”
Han Li ordered angrily, but there was undisguised disgust in that tone.
Then a few people also went downstairs, waiting for Ye Fan to change their shoes and show them the way.
“Yuhao, don’t get me wrong.”
“Although this wimpy is nominally Mucheng’s husband, it is all imaginary.”
“Our family has never regarded him as a son-in-law, and Mucheng has never looked at him directly.”
“We have been married for three years, and they have been sleeping separately. My family Mucheng has not even let the trash hold her hands.”
“If it weren’t for Mucheng’s confused grandfather to persecute our family, otherwise our Mucheng would definitely not marry such a hillbilly.”
“Now our family has completely got rid of the Qiu family’s control. From now on, Mucheng’s happiness in life will be in the hands of those of us who are parents, and we no longer need to listen to outsiders.”
“I will divorce them in a few days.”
“Who will Mucheng marry at that time? Isn’t it a matter of a word from our old couple?”
On the way downstairs, as if afraid of Sun Yuhao’s misunderstanding, Han Li couldn’t help explaining.
However, what Han Li said was level. What was clear was to tell Sun Yuhao that if you want to marry our Mucheng, you have to take care of our old couple. Otherwise, there will be no door.
Sun Yuhao is not a fool, so he naturally heard what Han Li meant, and then smiled: “Aunt Han, then I’m going to trouble auntie and uncle for the matter between me and Mucheng.”
“Don’t worry, if Mucheng followed me, I would be more capable than Ye Fan to take care of her.”
“By the way, this is a gift I brought to the second elder from Jianghai. I hope my uncle and aunt will like it.”
While talking, Sun Yuhao gave a beautiful gift box to Han Li and his wife.
It is a pair of gold ornaments, one is Guanyin and the other is Buddha.
Men wear Guanyin and women wear Buddha.
I have to say that Sun Yuhao did indeed put his thoughts on to please Qiu Mucheng’s parents.

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