A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 332

The old lady was so frightened that night.
I thought their Han family was really going to die!
I thought that Ye Fan was really a great man!
But a few days later, the Han family resolutely discovered that no disaster had come to their Han family.
Han Hai works at the company as usual, and Han He still acts as the mayor, everything is as usual. The only change may be that the dudes such as Lei 01f2503c Aoting and Chen Haisheng really broke up with Mo Wenxuan.
But nothing more!
At that time, Han Hai felt that the situation was not right, so he asked Sun Yuhao to help investigate Ye Fan’s true identity.
But at the end of the investigation, this Ye Fan was still a hillbilly. His father was absent, and only one mother worked in the countryside. Later, he became a son-in-law in the family of Zhuzhuqiu. He was just a model of a poor dick, not a big man at all.
In the end, after Sun Yuhao told Han Hai of the investigation results, Han Hai was still worried. He went to the Chen group and met with Chen Ao’s senior Chen group through his relationship and asked if they knew a person named Ye Fan.
As a result, Han Hai asked about the Chen Group, and no one had heard of Ye Fan’s name, let alone a great figure.
At that time, Han Hai had only determined that it was a false alarm, and that Ye Fan was not a big man. So many big men came to worship that day, it is very likely that they worshiped the wrong person. First URL m.
After all, Han Hai remembered that Chen Ao and others came to celebrate Madam Chu’s birthday that day, but God knows that that day was not Qiu Mucheng’s birthday at all.
It was already obvious, Chen Ao and the others obviously worshiped the wrong person.
Although this explanation is far-fetched, compared to Ye Fan being a big man, this explanation is obviously much more reasonable.
Therefore, after the misunderstanding was resolved, in the eyes of Han Hai and others, Ye Fan was still the incompetent son-in-law from the countryside.
Naturally, Han Hai and the others would not look at him with a straight face.
However, it is estimated that Han Hai would never have thought that the reason why the Han family escaped last time was entirely because Ye Fan later saw Qiu Mucheng sad, and saw that Qiu Mucheng had put them on the side of the Han family.
Unfortunately, it now appears that the Han family did not learn a lesson.
Seeing that it was getting dark, Han Li and the others had no choice but to call Qiu Mucheng and ask where Qiu Mucheng’s company was so that they could pick her up.
“Ye Fan knows, just let Ye Fan take you here.”
“Don’t mention the uselessness. Your uncle is here. He didn’t say anything about courtesy. He also locked us out and didn’t open the door without shouting.” The mention of Ye Fan made Han Li full of anger.
But Qiu Mucheng is not an idiot, and she naturally wouldn’t listen to her mother’s side words: “For nothing, how could Ye Fan pretend not to hear?”
“I’m going, what do you mean, it’s our fault to say that?” Han Li was undoubtedly even more angry when she heard that her daughter actually helped Ye Fan speak.
“You know it in your heart.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to say any more, she hung up the phone, and then called Ye Fan.
Ye Fan answered after only a sound.
If Han Li saw them, they would be pissed off!
“Ye Fan, my uncle is here, you can bring them to find me, they don’t recognize the way.”
“Okay, I’ll be here!” Ye Fan agreed very simply.
“By the way, Ye Fan, you have been wronged.” Qiu Mucheng hesitated, but after all, she apologized to Ye Fan for her relatives.
She guessed it, I’m afraid her uncle and others just embarrassed Ye Fan again.
Ye Fan smiled meanly: “Wife, do you feel sorry for your husband and me?”
With a snap, Qiu Mucheng hung up, her pretty face flushed.
Obviously, she is still very unaccustomed to Ye Fan’s nasty words.
But Ye Fan shook his head and smiled softly.
“Is this arrogant woman, I feel sorry for Lao Tzu, but don’t you admit it?”
At this time, there was another angry knock on the door from Han Li and others.
Ye Fan shook his head: “That’s it.”
“For the sake of my wife’s face, I won’t have the same knowledge as you.”

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