A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 344

“Also, Director Peng, you see that we ordered so many dishes here today, and Mr. Sun came here again. When the bill is settled for a while, even if it is unavoidable, it should be okay to get a 50% discount, right?”
Han Li is obviously catching the wool and squeezing hard, constantly taking advantage.
Peng Zhenhua was also refreshed: “Don’t worry, there is a little gentleman, and you will definitely be satisfied when you check out.”
“That’s good, that’s good!”
Han Lile was broken, and after sending Peng Zhenhua away, she praised Sun Yuhao for a while, constantly boasting that Sun Yuhao had a lot of face.
“Come, let’s taste this collector’s version of Moutai.”
“This kind of wine is really priceless, and money can’t be bought.”
“I guess it will only appear at the auction~”
While talking and laughing, Han Li poured wine on everyone one by one, but only let Ye Fan out. ยท
“Mom, Ye Fan’s you haven’t fallen yet?” Qiu Mucheng reminded. First URL m.
“He doesn’t drink, just let him drink water.”
“This is a collection of Maotai. He is a country boy. Wouldn’t it be a waste to let him drink?” Han Li didn’t even look at Ye Fan, and then greeted everyone to drink.
“Mucheng, drink~”
“Just take a sip, how can this work?”
“Could it be that you are not happy to see your uncle here?” Han Hai and others began to drink Qiumu Orange Wine again.
No way, Qiu Mu couldn’t push the orange, so he gritted his teeth and took another drink.
But just after putting it down here, Sun Yuhao came to toast Qiu Mucheng again.
“Mucheng, you toasted me just now. I will toast you again for this glass of wine.”
“Why don’t you come and be indecent~”
Sun Yuhao said with a smile.
“Hurry up, Mucheng. Have a drink with Yuhao~” Han Li and his wife also persuaded each other.
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help but refuse, but everyone at the table was persuading her, and Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to make everyone happy, so she had no choice but to say something.
“Okay, but it’s really the last one.”
However, just as Qiu Mucheng raised the wine glass and was about to bite the bullet and drink it, a palm of her hand reached out and took the wine glass directly from Qiu Mucheng’s hand.
“Master Sun, I will drink this glass of wine for her.”
“I did it, you are free.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, and then under Qiu Mucheng’s panic gaze, he took the wine glass and drank it.
Sun Yuhao frowned.
When Han Hai and the others saw that Ye Fan was disturbing their plan, they were immediately furious: “Ye Fan, what are you, what qualifications do you have to drink for Mucheng?”
“Yes, you are a waste of money, I didn’t say that my mother would drink it for her. You are a fart, why are you drinking for my daughter?”
Facing the scolding of Han Hai, Han Li and others, Ye Fan smiled, his expression calm, and said every word: “No, just because she Qiu Mucheng is my Ye Fan’s woman.”
“On this one, I am qualified to keep her alcohol out.”
Ye Fan’s words were not loud, but in that low tone, there was a kind of trembling power.
Just like a generation of kings, standing on their own territory, like all the people in the world proclaiming their sovereignty!
It’s been a day, and since Sun Yuhao’s arrival, Han Li has a son-in-law and my family’s Yuhao, Sun Yuhao even called his mother.
Why, Ye Fan is really bullying him? Ye Fan is really useless and afraid to speak and pretend that he can’t hear him?
If it weren’t for Qiu Mucheng’s face, if it wasn’t for the sake of these people being relatives, Ye Fan would have torn his face with him.
Ye Fan’s words are tantamount to telling them in a tough manner, whose wife is Qiu Mucheng and who is his man? !

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