A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 343

Seeing that everyone’s spearheads were aimed at Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng hurriedly said: “Feifei, if you are so rude, I will be angry.”
“No matter how bad Ye Fan is, it will never be your turn to teach him.”
After being fierce by Qiu Mucheng again, Han Feifei only felt wronged: “Sister Qiu, why are you so fierce but I don’t mean him.”
“We obviously ignored him, it was him who was looking for trouble.”
“We had a good conversation with Brother Yuhao, but he had to interrupt and was so disrespectful to Brother Yuhao.”
“We blame him, are we wrong?”
“Big Brother Yuhao is a distinguished guest today, but look at Brother Yuhao being angry with that country boy.”
Han Feifei defended for a while.
Qiu Mucheng also stared at Ye Fan at this time, obviously also a little bit angry, and blamed Ye Fanjing for causing her trouble.
Qiu Mucheng knew that there was something wrong between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao, after all, the two had conflicts when they were in Jiang Hai.
But today, how can she say that her relatives are here, even if there are contradictions, they should be suppressed. Otherwise, isn’t it a treat for her face? Remember to read in one second
But in front of so many people, Qiu Mucheng didn’t blame Ye Fan, and planned to go home and clean up him.
In front of outsiders, when a woman is a woman, she always has to save some face for her man.
“Shao Sun, sorry.”
“He’s just like this, talking straight, but he’s not malicious, don’t be angry.” In the end, Qiu Mucheng apologized for Ye Fan.
Sun Yuhao is always a guest. If the trouble is not good, her uncle will not be easy to explain.
“Forget it, since Mucheng has pleaded with him, I won’t be familiar with him.”
“It’s just Brother Ye, Ben Shao reminds you, this life is a human, recognize your identity, and position yourself. Otherwise, the next time you offend others, you will suffer. If Mu Cheng is involved again, then But it’s not good.” Sun Yuhao said coldly, but his arrogant tone was full of disdain.
“Yuhao is still generous.”
“Come here, let’s eat our food, what are we doing?” Han Li greeted everyone and started eating. Halfway through the meal, when she found that the food was not enough, she asked the waiter to come and order.
Peng Zhenhua had been paying attention to this table, and of course he had to grasp this rare opportunity to get closer to Ye Fan.
“Manager Peng, do you have any special meals?” Han Li asked.
“Yes, the last few pages are our Haiyuan Pavilion signature dishes.”
“Japan’s Kobe beef, Michelin special top steak, and selected to high-end European ranches…” Peng Zhenhua couldn’t help but introduce.
“I’m going, is that classy?”
“In that case, on this page, all kinds of dishes are for us.” Han Li hasn’t eaten this top class meal yet, so naturally she has to eat enough at one time, anyway, a son-in-law takes money.
“Mom, so much, are you finished? Just ask for a few cold dishes.” Qiu Mucheng was worried that the price would be too high, but she discouraged.
Sun Yuhao smiled: “Mucheng, if my mother wants to eat, then let her eat it, it’s okay.”
“Look, this daughter is not as filial as her son-in-law. Mr. Peng, just as I said just now, get one of each. Also, Mr. Sun is here today. How can you get a bottle of wine? Bottle, good things come in pairs.”
“This…this…” Peng Zhenhua hesitated, but at the last gritted teeth, he was willing to go out. “You are right, the young man comes to my Haiyuan Pavilion. How can I give a bottle of wine enough? It’s been a long time since the bottle has been kept for ten years, so I’ll send it to the little gentleman.”
When he said this, Peng Zhenhua’s eyes were always on Ye Fan, obviously wanting to let Ye Fan know that he sent the wine for you, you must know my love, or else I can just drink the wine. Give it away.

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