A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 346

Han Feifei, Han Li and others are also waiting to see Ye Fan make a fool of himself.
Only Qiu Mucheng flushed with anger, how could she persuade Ye Fan not to listen, and still fight with Han Hai.
Han Hai has a long history of wineries, is Ye Fan’s drinking capacity comparable?
Isn’t he taking his own humiliation?
Later, when Qiu Mucheng couldn’t persuade her, she refused.
“Let him drink, and finally drink to death you bastard~”
“Wait for you to be drunk, I promise to leave you alone!” Qiu Mucheng’s nose was almost crooked.
But Ye Fan and Han Hai continued to come and go, and between the wine glasses, they drank a full glass of spirits.
Seeing that four catties of white wine have been down, Ye Fan still has nothing to do with his face, his face is not red and his heart is not beating, and he sits peacefully, still drinking with Han Hai with a smile on his mouth.
On the other hand, Han Hai was already full of big men, blushing, and his neck was thick, and he had run to the toilet several times.
“Dad, why don’t we forget it?” Han Feifei was a little worried, still persuaded. Remember to read in one second
“Today I must frustrate the spirit of the poor in this country!”
“Let him know how many eyes Lord Ma has!”
Han Hai obviously got into trouble with Ye Fan, with evil fire in his heart.
He didn’t believe it, he couldn’t get a hillbilly?
In a rage, Han Hai had another seven or eight cups with Ye Fan, and finally couldn’t hold it anymore. He fell to the ground with a bang, convulsing and foaming at the mouth.
“Hit 120, hit 120~”
“This is alcoholism!”
“How much alcohol did you drink?”
Han Li and others were terrified, and the surrounding diners gathered to save people. Finally, they called an emergency call and sent Han Hai to the hospital.
Qiu Mucheng went to the hospital with him, while Han Li and others continued to stay in Haiyuan Pavilion.
But after this incident, Han Feifei and others were obviously not in the mood to eat. Ye Fan was still calm, bowed his head and drank a cup of tea.
Upon seeing this, Han Li instantly became angry, and then walked over to pick up the tea cup in Ye Fan’s hand and directly slam it on the ground.
Han Li’s angry cursing sounded as the tiles shot everywhere.
“Do you have any face to stay here?”
“Hurry up!”
“You’re so useless, you are really shameless.”
“If my brother has any shortcomings, Han Li will never finish with you!” Han Li cursed with red eyes.
Han Feifei also gritted her teeth with hatred towards Ye Fan: “A good meal is all upset by you.”
“I advise you to pray that my father is fine, otherwise I will never let you go!”
“You hillbilly, get out of here~”
Sun Yuhao on the side also sneered repeatedly, and said coldly: “An incompetent son-in-law, not very capable, and his ability to cause trouble is really impressive.”
“Don’t you go away?”
“There is no place for you to eat!”
“Get off~” For a while, Han Li and the others yelled, and they all let Ye Fan go.
Now they really regretted eating with Ye Fan at the same table.
I knew that this country boy could make trouble so much, they would kill him and wouldn’t let him sit.
At this time, Han Li and others seemed to blame Ye Fan for all the responsibility and anger.
But they didn’t want to think about it, they were always insulting Ye Fan from beginning to end, even if they were drinking wine, they were Ye Fan of Han Haiguan. In the end, Han Hai didn’t drink enough alcohol, what happened to Guan Yefan?
But Han Li and the others care about this. Being poor is the original sin. In their eyes, all the faults are the fault of Ye Fan, a poor man in the countryside.
Incompetent and incapable, and only as a slapstick.
Faced with what Han Li and others’ ex-husband pointed out, Ye Fan didn’t say anything, and didn’t bother to explain them.
He got up, his faint gaze swept across them~

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