A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 347

Then he smiled coldly, turned and left.
“This hillbilly, finally left.”
“Auntie, if you don’t drive him away yet, are you going to keep it for the New Year?”
“It’s better to let him divorce my sister Qiu as soon as possible.”
“Otherwise, if one day, this countryman’s psychological imbalance goes to extremes and violates my sister Qiu, then it will be too late to regret it.”
After Ye Fan left, Han Feifei and the others looked at the back who was riding the electric car away, and said with disgust.
“He dare?!”
“If he dares to be a little disrespectful to my Mucheng, I’ll interrupt his dog legs.” Han Li said angrily, and then looked at Sun Yuhao who was aside.
“Yuhao, don’t worry, I will do the work on Mucheng.”
“In front of us, she is just shy and afraid to get too close to you. After a few days, if you ask her alone, she will definitely not be so cautious.”
“As for the uselessness, you don’t have to worry about it. I will urge Mucheng as soon as possible to get her to divorce that poor countryman.”
Han Li calmly said to Sun Yuhao with kind words.
Sun Yuhao smiled faintly: “Mom, it’s okay, I’m not worried. I have confidence in myself.”
“I believe that between me and that country boy, Mucheng will definitely make the right choice in the end.”
To Ye Fan, Sun Yuhao had never seen him face-to-face, and never regarded him as his competitor.
What is an opponent, even if you are evenly matched, can you be called an opponent?
And Ye Fan is useless at all.
In Sun Yuhao’s eyes, Ye Fan was not qualified to be his opponent from the beginning.
“it is good!”
“With your words, I am relieved.”
“My Han Li’s son-in-law should have your arrogance.”
Han Li laughed haha.
At this time, all the special dishes he ordered before are also coming up.
Even Peng Zhenhua sent a bottle of wine that he treasured up again.
“Sir, although this wine is not as good as the first bottle of wine, it was also bought by me at an auction.”
“I have kept it for ten years, and I haven’t been willing to drink it. Today the little gentleman is here, I…”
Far away from the wine table, Peng Zhenhua started talking with a smile on his face.
But after stepping forward, Peng Zhenhua frowned when he realized that Ye Fan was no longer there.
“Where is the little gentleman?”
“Who?” Isn’t my son-in-law here? Is it possible that Manager Peng is also confused by drinking too much?” Han Li shook her head and smiled.
“No, I mean the person sitting there just now? Why are there fewer people missing?” Peng Zhenhua continued to ask.
When Han Li saw this, she suddenly said, “Hey, you said them. My brother drank a bit too much, so my daughter accompanied him to the hospital. As for the one over there, a poor country, we let him go. Up.”
“You drove him away?”
“Also let him go?”
Peng Zhenhua was dumbfounded at that time, her old eyes were staring wide and her pupils shrunk.
“Yes indeed.”
“It’s just a useless mess, eating and drinking here, it’s disgusting to watch.”
“Besides, he is a hillbilly who eats here, and he will also lower the quality of the restaurant in charge of Peng. If it wasn’t for my daughter’s stupidity to stop him, we would have driven him out.”
“Manager Peng, don’t mind, next time we promise that we won’t bring this kind of inconsistent uselessness to your restaurant.”
“Besides, don’t worry, we didn’t let him drink the collection-level famous wine you just sent, nor was it ruined by that useless waste.”
Seeing Peng Zhenhua’s frowning brows, Han Li thought that Manager Peng was angry because they brought a poor man from the countryside to eat, so she explained again and again.
She knew that high-end restaurants like these cherish their reputation very much, and non-disruptive customers are not allowed to enter.

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