A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 357

“Sister Han, are these all true?”
“No, I have to go to this auction.”
“I must find a way to photograph Mr. Chu’s mysterious lot.”
Susie clenched her palms tightly and said vowedly.
When Han Wenxue saw this, she shook her head and smiled: “Cici, what you think is too simple. This time, the Yunzhou Mid-Autumn Festival night auction is highly anticipated. The whole Jiangdong big guys are all in droves. Hard to find.”
“Anyone who can enter such auctions is worth at least one billion yuan.”
“And, even so, it’s definitely not 100% in.”
“Fortunately, my husband has a lot of contacts and popularity, so I got two outfield tickets early.”
While talking, Han Wenxue could also carefully take out the two Mid-Autumn Night Auction tickets from the bag in her arms and shook it in front of Susie.
“Wow, Sister Xue’s husband is really amazing!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Can you get this ticket?”
“I really envy you.”
At this time, the sisters around Han Wenxue were full of compliments and admiration, full of envy.
Susie’s eyes flashed even more, but instead of boasting to Han Wenxue like the women around, she called her brother.
She knew that Han Wenxue was showing off her husband’s power, so that she could get praise from others and satisfy her vanity. But Susie wouldn’t let her succeed. She didn’t believe it. If Han Wenxue can get it, she can’t get a few tickets for Susie?
“Brother, I heard that Mr. Chu will go to the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction?”
“You help me get some tickets.”
“Two will do.” Susie begged for a while.
“Brother, how can you do this?”
“I don’t care, I want it.”
Susie played her temper for a while, but she seemed to be unsuccessful and hung up the phone dejectedly.
When Han Wenxue saw this, the smile on her face even worsened: “Cici, how about it, I have said, this auction is a place for the top dignitaries, and most people can’t get in.”
What Han Wenxue said was so arrogant, she was as proud as a princess.
“But, I have just two more tickets. If any of you wants, can you tell me?”
“Sister Xue, give it to me. I also want to go in and see the world.”
“Sister Xue, I want too~”
As soon as Han Wenxue’s words fell, the women who had been with her before rushed to beg, and the words were full of flattery and flattery.
Susie gritted her teeth with anger when she saw Han Wenxue’s arrogant and proud look.
She deliberately asked others to beg her.
Humph, who cares about her ticket.
Anyway, she would never ask Susie in a low voice.
The big deal is that if she goes home again to find a way, she won’t believe it, can’t she really get a ticket?
Susie turned her head proudly and turned to leave, not wanting to stay here to see Han Wenxue’s arrogant and invincible look.
“Orange, let’s go.”
“Orange, what are you doing?”
However, just when Susie was about to call Qiu Mucheng to leave, she discovered that Qiu Mucheng had ignored herself, and instead walked up in the direction of Han Wenxue.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng, her teeth clenching her red lips, seemed to have made a lot of determination, and said to Han Wenxue in a low voice, “Hello, Madam Han, can you give me a Mid-Autumn Festival? Tickets for the Night Auction?”
“Oh? Just you, still want tickets?” Han Wenxue laughed at that time after hearing Qiu Mucheng’s words and asked jokingly.
In that tone, with contempt, with contempt, with sneer, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

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