A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3571

“Are you threatening me?”

“You know, I hate other people’s threats the most!”

After Tang Yun’s words fell, Chu Yuan was undoubtedly even more angry.

Binghan’s words hardly contain the slightest hint of temperature.

The killing intent in the eyebrows is even worse.

The more Tang Yun cared about Ye Fan, the more he could no longer keep him.

Tang Yun is the master of the Chumen he chose, and anyone who prevents Tang Yun from being in charge of the Chumen must be wiped out!

Especially this Ye Fan!

However, just when Chu Yuan’s killing intent had been decided, Tang Yun used his skills again, and broke another vein in her own body. She trembled, and vomited a mouthful of blood again.


This time, Chu Yuan was undoubtedly frightened.

Old face pale!

Because, he clearly felt that the disciple in front of him was determined not to hesitate to die for Ye Fan.

“good very good!”

“Tang Yun, you won.”

“Tonight, I will let him go.”

“However, as a condition. I make you swear that from this moment on, I will cut off all contact with this Chu Tianfan.”

“From now on, you must not have any contact with him anymore.”

“His life and death have nothing to do with you anymore!”

“If you agree, I will let him go tonight.”

Under Tang Yun’s stubbornness, Chu Yuan finally took a step back.

When Ye Fan heard the words, he shook his head and looked at Tang Yun’s gaze, as if to make her refuse Chu Yuan’s request.

And Chu Yuan undoubtedly saw Ye Fan’s movements, and the strength in his hands became a bit heavier again.

Seeing that Ye Fan’s face was flushed due to lack of oxygen, and his body was full of blue veins violently, almost on the verge of suffocation.

Under such circumstances, Tang Yun can no longer hesitate.

She shed tears and screamed sadly: “I, Tang Yun, swear to heaven!”

“After tonight, I will cut off righteousness with Chu Tianfan.”

“His life and death will depend on me.”

“From then on, both grievances and grievances are cleared, and old and dead are no longer in contact!”

Tang Yun gritted his teeth and said, every word and every word that was uttered at that moment was like a sharp knife, thrusting straight into Tang Yun’s heart.

After saying this, perhaps, the heart of this peerless and graceful woman was also shattered.

“Tang Yun, remember what you said tonight.”

When Chu Yuan heard this, he nodded in satisfaction.

After that, his hand was relaxed, Ye Fan, who was dying, fell to the ground, vomiting blood all over the floor.

“But Chu Tianfan, don’t think that if you escape tonight, you can sit back and relax.”

“I just promised not to kill you tonight. I didn’t say not to kill you in the future.”

“I will give you seven days.”

“In these seven days, my Truman will not take any action against you.”

“But after seven days, whether you live or die depends on God’s will.”

Chu Yuan stayed high and looked at Ye Fan under him with indifferent eyes. Sen Han’s words were as cold as ice.


However, just after Chu Yuan’s words fell.

In the distant horizon, suddenly there was a fire blazing into the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the deafening explosion sound, even if it was a hundred miles away, was still so clear.

Chu Yuan immediately looked up.

When he saw the direction of the explosion, his old eyes trembled suddenly, and the expression of the whole person immediately became solemn and angry.

“Junior, is it you?”

“You sent someone to beat me at Chumen Mountain?”

Chu Yuan strangled Ye Fan’s neck again, his eyes were red as blood, and he asked angrily.

Yes, at this time, the place where the flames blazed into the sky is impressively Mount Chumen.

Someone is attacking Mount Chumen.

Looking at the world, anyone who has the courage is also the man named Chu Tianfan in front of him.

Now Chu Yuan even felt that this Wang Ba Laozi used himself as a bait to lure him out and adjust the tiger away from the mountain.

Then he sent people in to take advantage of the vacancy and bomb them with Trumen.

Seeing such a huge offensive, Chu Yuan didn’t have to think about it anymore. The only three thousand people left in Chu Sect were afraid that they would be killed and injured again.

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