A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3570

On that majestic face, there is no joy or sorrow, no emotion at all.

However, even if Chu Yuan didn’t say a word, Tang Yun still felt an unprecedented pressure.

Ashamed, horrified, guilty…

Various emotions tore Tang Yun’s whole heart.

The person she doesn’t want to face most now is her teacher Chu Yuan.

However, this moment, after all, came.

Moreover, it was still when she and Ye Fan were sketching the future.

“how come?”

“How can it be so fast?”


The appearance of Chu Yuan undoubtedly exceeded Ye Fan’s expectations.

He never thought that Chu Yuan would find them in such a short time.

It stands to reason that this vast ocean is the titled master, the powerhouse of the gods, and it is absolutely impossible to find their position so quickly.

But now, no matter how tangled these things are, there is no doubt that there is no point.

Looking at Chu Yuan, Ye Fan’s low-pitched words immediately sounded: “If you are wronged, you have a debt.”

“Chu Yuan, this is my grievance with your Chu family.”

“In your hands tonight, I have nothing to say.”

“But I just hope that you don’t involve others.”


As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, Chu Yuan waved his sleeves.

A majestic energy suddenly shot out like a cannonball.

Ye Fan immediately vomited blood and flew out, and his body of hundreds of catties slammed into the hard deck.

“Ye Fan!”

Tang Yun was immediately anxious, and ran over to help Ye Fan.


“In my presence, dare to protect him?”

Chu Yuan was furious again, waved his anger into a lock, and directly locked Tang Yun in place, confined in place.

“Let her go!”

“I said, everything is coming to me.”

Ye Fan vomited the blood from his mouth and stood up again.

Chu Yuan sneered, “Chu Tianfan, are you still qualified to make demands with me?”

“You destroy my sect, hurt my child, and abduct my disciple.”

“Tonight, it’s hard to dispel the hatred in my heart even if you thwart your bones and ashes!”

In the senran words, Chu Yuan slowly raised his palm, a burst of great power swept out, Ye Fan, who had lost all his skills, was sucked into front of him by Chu Yuan.

Reaching out, he severely choked Ye Fan’s throat!

As long as Chu Yuan exerted a little effort, Ye Fan would undoubtedly end here.

“do not want!”


“do not want…”

Tang Yun cried, begging with eyes full of tears.

But the more Tang Yun interceded in this way, the more intense the anger in Chu Yuan’s heart.

“Xiao Yun, why?”

“What’s so good about this abandoned son?”

“It makes you disregard the sect, and desperate everything.”

“For the teacher’s kindness of nurturing and teaching, you will forget all about it.”

“Family interests, the sect master is in charge, you don’t care about them all?”

“tell me why?”

“Could it be that the master of the world’s first sect can’t be compared to this bereaved dog?”

Chu Yuan asked angrily, the anger in his old eyes burned again.

Even if the sect was broken and his descendants were killed, Chu Yuan had never been so angry.

Think about it, Tang Yun is his most valued disciple. Although she is a master and apprentice, she is better than a father and a daughter.

In order to cultivate Tang Yun, he did almost everything, and finally put all the sect in Tang Yun’s hands.

This is almost a great kindness.

But Chu Yuan never thought that all the things he gave to Tang Yun were not as good as the abandoned son who was driven out of the Chu family by him back then?

Especially when they saw Ye Fan and Tang Yun embracing just now, the anger in Chu Yuan’s heart was even more intense.

“Teacher, please, don’t kill him.”

“Ye Fan has a kind of shelter for the disciples.”

“Just beg you to let him go.” Tang Yun was still begging.


“This son will ruin your Dao Xin.”

“If you don’t kill him, how will you be in charge of Truman in the future?”

“He must die!”

In anger, Chu Yuan would use his force to kill Ye Fan.

But who could have imagined that Tang Yun damaged her meridians, and immediately vomited red blood.

“Xiao Yun, you!”

Chu Yuan was suddenly shocked. He didn’t expect Tang Yun to be begging for death.

“Teacher, I’m sorry, this…this time the apprentice will be willful again.”

“If you don’t let him go, the disciple will stop here.”

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What happen to moon god and the 4 dragon masters ?
I initially thought yefan is a faithful man because he always reject so many woman. But I think I’m wrong.

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