A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3580

“No matter what happens next, we must bear in mind a principle and bottom line.”

“In the summer of China, foreign races are forbidden!”

“Other things, adapt to your circumstances.”

The Juggernaut’s eyes are like torches, and his eyebrows are firm.

The deep and powerful words are like a great wall of a thousand miles across the border of mountains and rivers, and gods and ghosts are forbidden to enter!

Soon, in the land of Yanshan Mountain, the four figures rushed into the sky like an arrow from the string.

Toward the border, set off in the air.


“That is….”

“The direction of the Martial God Temple?”

The movement of Yanshan naturally attracted the attention of people with keen perception.

In the city of Yanjing, several big families with eye-liners everywhere are all alert.

“Yenching’s underground queen Xu Lei hasn’t shown her face for several days.”

“The head of the Xue family, Xue Renyang, has not returned since he left home a few days ago.”

“Recently, the border defense forces have been mobilized on a large scale.”

“Summer warriors are dispatched collectively.”

“Now, even the gods of the Pillar Kingdom who guarded the hinterland of the hot summer have left Beijing.”


“What the hell is going on in this world?”

“Could it be that the end is coming?”

As the saying goes, Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet.

These hot summer giants are naturally the first to inform of the changes in the astronomical phenomenon.

For a while, those rich family owners panicked.

On the contrary, the masses of people living at the bottom are completely unaware of it.

Just like countless days and nights in the past, go to work, play, and multiply.

The sun still rises from the east, and the birds still scream.

But, where do they know, this world may come to an end.



“Mr. Chu, look, what a beautiful blue sky, what a beautiful sea.”

On the far sea, the cruise ship that Ye Fan and the others took was still cutting through the waves, riding the waves.

Ye Fan, who had rested all night, was still weak, but he didn’t want to stay in the cabin, so he was helped to the deck. Watch the Tianhe Wanli, watch the fish swim everywhere.

Standing beside him was the little girl who had had a relationship with him in those days, Qianchi Jing.

I haven’t seen each other for a few years, but the cowardly little girl of the time has now become a slim and beautiful woman.

The slender sex, the unbearable willow waist, and the apparently slender figure have twin peaks that make thousands of women jealous.

At this time, Qianchi quietly pointed at the sea, and talked with Ye Fan happily.

Ye Fan didn’t speak, but smiled back.

Seeing such a lively and cheerful girl, his originally gloomy mood didn’t feel much joy.

“Dragon Lord, you should go back to see President Qianchi. In these years, President Qianchi often thinks of you, even in his sleep, he will call your name.”

Iwai Chan accompany him and smiles lightly at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan said, “If it’s okay in the future, I will go and walk more. Look at the mountains I haven’t seen before, and walk the water that I haven’t dripped before.”

“Tianshan Blood Pond, Kunlun Valley…”

“Actually, this world is really beautiful…”

When saying these things, Ye Fan unconsciously thought of the girl named Tang Yun again.

She gave up the highest authority in the world for him, but he failed to help her realize even the simplest wish.

“Yes, Dragon Lord.”

“The world is beautiful.”

“We used to walk too fast to ignore so many beautiful things.”

“Dragon Lord, if there were no such accidents, I would have told you that I would quit the Dragon Temple and step down as the Dragon King.”

“After all, the purpose of forcing the Chu family to apologize has been achieved, and my mission as the Dragon King has been achieved.”

“I thought, I’m getting old, and I’m afraid my life is not many years old.”

“I just want to spend my last time with my granddaughter.”

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“The most terrifying thing in this world is not life and death, but loneliness.

When there are no more people to worry about in the world, then there is no point in living.”

How true…,????

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