A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 359

The entrance of the mall.
This sudden appearance of several men in suits naturally attracted the attention of many people.
“I’m going, KITON’s suit.”
“One piece is tens of thousands.”
“Who are these people?”
“It looks respectful, it looks like it’s just a few subordinates.”
“Even the subordinates wear these high-end suits. Who is their boss?”
“God, who is coming from our mall?”
When Jin Bao and others came in, the nearby people suddenly exploded, talking and looking sideways.
Even Han Wenxue frowned at this moment.
Although in her eyes, tens of thousands of suits are not rare things, his husband’s hundreds of thousands of customized suits are several. But the key point is that these people in front of them are obviously just a few subordinates who are killing others. First URL m.
Even the mud legs underneath are all dressed in luxurious clothes, so what kind of character does their boss have?
Especially after seeing these people walk in the direction of Qiu Mucheng and Susie, she was undoubtedly more curious.
Could it be from the Su family?
However, according to Han Wenxue’s understanding, even the Su family definitely does not have this financial capability.
When Han Wenxue saw Jin Bao and the others respectful towards Qiu Mucheng, she was shocked.
It turned out to be looking for the wife of the son-in-law?
What’s the situation?
Han Wenxue and the others were more puzzled and watched.
In fact, not only them, but even Qiu Mucheng herself, found it incredible.
“Excuse me, did you have anything to do with me?” Qiu Mucheng asked curiously.
“Miss Qiu, good thing, good thing.” Jin Bao laughed, and then took out two admission tickets from his arms, “Miss Qiu, we are the organizer of the Mid-Autumn Festival Night Auction, and now we sincerely invite Miss Qiu in Mid-Autumn Festival In the evening, go to participate. At that time, I hope that Miss Qiu will take Mr. Zun to enjoy the sight.”
While talking, Jin Bao handed two luxurious and exquisite admission tickets to Qiu Mucheng.
Tickets for the Mid-Autumn Night Auction?
Susie was shocked when she heard this.
Even Han Wenxue was full of surprises and surprises.
Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes were shocked.
She didn’t expect someone to bring pillows when she was sleepy.
She just couldn’t ask for the admission ticket to this auction, but in a blink of an eye, someone actually sent it over.
However, after a moment of surprise, Qiu Mucheng finally shook her head and said bitterly, “This ticket must be expensive.”
“Huh?” Jin Bao was stunned at the time. It took a while before he understood the meaning of Qiu Mucheng’s words, and suddenly smiled, “Miss Qiu misunderstood. This is a gift, no money.”
“It is a great honour for us to participate in this auction with you and Mr. Zun. We are already sorry for not paying you the appearance fee. How could we still charge you?”
Jin Bao said slowly, but Qiu Mucheng and the others were more startled as they listened.
At the end of hearing, she almost suspected that she had heard it wrong, and said in disbelief: “Really it was for nothing?”
“Of course.” Jin Bao continued to reply.
At this time, Han Wenxue’s disdainful laugh came from behind.
“Ha ha?”
“Who am I supposed to be? It turns out to be a bunch of liars.”
“How precious are the tickets for the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction? Ten thousand dollars are hard to find. Is the organizer an idiot, giving it away for nothing if I don’t make any money?”
“Moreover, the tickets for this auction are all red. The one in his hand is black. It looks fake.”
“Don’t be serious about this fraud.”
“You liars, are you too unprofessional?”
At first, Han Wenxue was still trembling, but then it seemed that after the admission ticket in Jin Bao’s hand, she suddenly smiled. The irony in the words is undoubtedly more vivid.
“I’m going, is it really?”
“It seems to be a lie.”
“It’s a pity, I thought it was really a ticket to the Mid-Autumn Night Auction?”
Susie also deliberately compared it this time. Sure enough, the admission ticket in Qiu Mucheng’s hand was completely different from Han Wenxue’s, even the color was different.
Qiu Mucheng’s originally joyful eyes dimmed immediately, full of disappointment.
“Sure enough, is it a lie?”
Qiu Mucheng shook her head and laughed at herself.
To be honest, she really thought that happiness had fallen on her. But now it seems that after all, it is still empty joy.
Think about it, too. She Qiu Mucheng is an ordinary body, why is she qualified to let the organizer personally send the admission ticket and invite her to go?
After all, Qiu Mucheng returned the two admission tickets to Jin Bao, and without a word, she was about to leave.
Jin Bao was almost crying, and hurried to catch up: “Miss Qiu, we are not liars, this admission ticket is real.”

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