A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 360

“I have seen a lot of liars like you. People who wear them look like dogs, but they are very dirty in their hearts.”
“In broad daylight, how dare you openly cheat?”
“Hurry up.”
“If you pester us again, we will call the police!”
After seeing that the scam by Jin Bao and others was broken, not only did not leave, but she was still entangled. Susie suddenly rebuked her and called the police if she took out her mobile phone.
The riots here naturally attracted the attention of the shopping malls.
At this time, there happened to be a lady with noble temperament and prestige, walking in from outside the mall, stepping on delicate high heels. Several bodyguards in black followed behind him.
“Hello Mr. Zhang!”
Seeing this lady, all the staff in the mall were stunned and bowed their respectful greetings.
“Huh?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“What’s going on over there?” Seemingly disturbed by the commotion over there, the lady frowned, took off her sunglasses, looked forward, but said coldly.
After that, the lady walked over, just to hear Han Wenxue and the others say that the admission ticket was fake.
“Hello, can I see this admission ticket?”
The lady stepped forward and said politely.
“This woman, is it the boss of this Jinding Commercial Building, Zhang Yuxin?”
“The top ten of the Yunzhou rich list!”
“A well-known superwoman?”
“It is said that she bought half of the downtown area of ​​Yunzhou.”
“I’m going, why is this kind of boss here?”
“Unexpectedly, I saw a real person!”
After seeing this woman, the surrounding crowd suddenly became noisy, and many people were amazed. Some even swallowed secretly while looking at the lady’s slender figure.
But Zhang Yuxin seemed to have not felt the respected gaze of everyone around him. She stood there, looking at the two admission tickets Jinbao gave her, and then looked at Qiu Mucheng and said with a smile: “This man Miss, he didn’t lie to you, this admission ticket is real.”
Hearing this, Qiu Mucheng, Susie and the others were shocked at that moment, very surprised.
Han Wenxue, who was drinking tea proudly, opened her eyes immediately.
“This is impossible!”
“Mr. Zhang, you must be joking, right?”
“Do you really believe that the organizers will give away tickets worth millions of dollars?”
“What’s more, the tickets for the auction are all red. It is black and the colors are different. How can it be true?” Han Wenxue still didn’t believe it.
After the lady heard this, she looked at Han Wenxue and whispered, “This lady, can you show me your admission ticket?”
“Of course it can. My husband spent nearly two million to get this admission ticket. If her free gift is true, could it be true that what I bought with a lot of money is fake?” Han Wenxue was very confident.
She never believed that the admission tickets she bought with money were fake.
After a while, the lady returned the admission ticket to Han Wenxue, and then said: “Yours is indeed true.”
“Let’s just talk about it. My husband paid a lot of money for my admission ticket from an acquaintance. How could it be fake?”
“On the contrary, it’s that Miss Qiu, what identity does she have in mind? How can the organizer give it to you even if it is true? Your voucher is fake at first sight.” Han Wenxue was very proud of it. Qiu Mucheng grinned disdainfully.
However, the lady’s next words made everyone tremble again.
“Miss, I am afraid you have misunderstood.”
“The tickets for both of you are real.”
“It’s just that yours is an admission ticket to the outfield.”
“The two of Miss Qiu’s are more expensive infield tickets. The natural colors and workmanship are different.”
“As for the issue that confuses you, whether the organizer will give away admission tickets, I can tell you responsibly, the organizer will really give it away.
“Don’t you know, this Mid-Autumn Festival night auction, all in-field admission tickets are free. Only the out-field admission tickets are sold at high prices.”
“Of course, free things are often more difficult to get, even if you have money, you can’t buy them. Just like the admission tickets of the infield, each one has actually been selected long ago, and the organizer will send someone to give it personally. Reach the designated person. Only the noble person who truly stands at the pinnacle of power can receive it.”
The lady said with a smile, with a graceful and noble smile, and then from her bag, she took out an admission ticket exactly like Qiu Mucheng’s hand.
She seems to be telling others that she, Zhang Yuxin, is the kind of person she really stands on the top of power! It is synonymous with noble and elegant!

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