A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 362

“I…I don’t know.” Qiu Mucheng was also dumbfounded, completely unclear about the situation.
“Okay, let’s not worry about that too much. The admission ticket is real. Mucheng, we are good sisters. I took you to travel when you were in a bad mood last time. When you cried, it was also me. I’m comforting you, I remember your birthday every year…” Susie suddenly became extremely attentive, and while saying her good to Qiu Mucheng, she walked over and rubbed her shoulders.
“Okay, I’ll take you. It’s fake, isn’t it just thinking about the admission ticket? I will keep one for you.” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t laugh or cry.
Although Qiu Mucheng wanted to keep one for Ye Fan, Susie was not too bad to her. Even when she begged her brother just now, she was thinking of herself, asking for two at once.
Although she couldn’t get there in the end, this intention made Qiu Mucheng’s heart warm.
“Or Orange understands me.”
“Xie Chengcheng, my Mucheng is the best~” Su Qian was so happy, she kissed Qiu Mucheng on the forehead immediately. The excitement was just like a fan who just grabbed tickets for an idol concert.
But when Jin Bao next to him saw this scene, he was impatient.
The second master specifically ordered that the purpose of giving Qiu Mucheng two tickets was to let her bring Mr. Chu together.
Now that the ticket is given to Susie, what about Mr. Chu? First URL m.
“No, I have to find a way.”
Therefore, Jin Bao immediately went up and gave Qiu Mucheng an infield ticket again.
This time he specifically asked: “Miss Qiu, this admission ticket is for your husband. At that time, it is better for Miss Qiu to take Mr. Zun with someone to accompany and protect him. Isn’t it safe?”
Qiu Mucheng immediately thanked him again and again, and said with joy: “Thank you, you are so kind.”
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng received another infield voucher, Han Wenxue and the others were jealous, and their eyes were straight.
Finally, Han Wenxue couldn’t help it, got up and walked over, with a friendly smile on her face: “Miss Qiu, there was a misunderstanding just now, don’t mind. I’m really not malicious.”
“Yeah. Madam Han, it’s okay, just solve the misunderstanding.” Qiu Mucheng also replied with a smile.
Han Wenxue was overjoyed when she saw Qiu Mucheng’s coax, and she quickly began to get close: “Miss Qiu, you and Cici are friends, and I and Cici are friends, so counting, we are also good sisters.”
“Look, you gave Cici a piece, should you give me one too.”
“Anyway, your useless husband, it’s useless to go. Instead, he ruined an admission ticket. It’s better to give it to me and make a friend. I will remember this favor.”
Han Wenxue said shamelessly, reaching out to Qiu Mucheng to grab the infield voucher while speaking.
Although she has an outfield voucher, Zhang Yuxin said just now that the outfield voucher are all upstarts. The real big shots are in the infield, and Mr. Chu will also appear in the infield.
So of course she wants Zhang infield.
But at this moment, Susie took a step forward and stood in front of Han Wenxue, and sneered: “Sister Han, didn’t you look down on my girlfriend just now? What is it now? Instead, she came down to beg my girlfriend. ?”
“Cici, look at what you said, didn’t you just misunderstood?” Han Wenxue replied.
But Qiu Mucheng shook her head and smiled at this moment: “Mrs. Han, this admission ticket is for my husband. Of course, if you really want it, it’s not impossible to give it to you.”
“Well, you get 100 million, and I will sell you this admission ticket, how?”
“You…you~” Han Wenxue’s face turned blue and she felt angry.
A billion?
She dare to ask too?
Really when the money came from the wind!
Even if Han Wenxue’s husband is rich, it is impossible to buy an admission ticket for 100 million.
What’s more, whether his husband can spend so much money is not necessarily true?
“Madam Han can’t get it out?”
“You can’t even come up with a billion, and you are embarrassed to participate in the infield auction. Are you afraid of shame?”
Qiu Mucheng smiled faintly, but returned Han Wenxue’s humiliating words to Han Wenxue intact.

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