A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 367

Not long after, the table was filled with food.
After Han Li smelled the scent of rice, she greeted everyone to sit down and eat, but she didn’t mean to wait for Ye Fan to finish the meal and eat together.
Perhaps, in the eyes of Han Li and his wife, Ye Fan is purely a subordinate of their family.
“Mom, let’s wait for Ye Fan. After all, he has been busy all night. It’s not good for us to eat directly without waiting for him?” Qiu Mucheng felt a little bit sorry.
Han Li sneered and interrupted Qiu Mucheng’s words directly: “What’s wrong.”
“Isn’t it logical that those who ate us and drank us should not cook for us?”
“We 4b702f4c don’t owe him anything!”
“That’s it, Sister Qiu, we eat ours, what do you care about him?” Han Feifei also echoed.
After that, Qiu Mucheng didn’t persuade everyone, Han Li and others had already picked up the chopsticks and ate.
“By the way, brother, are you still drinking?”
“There is still half a bottle of Moutai at home that I haven’t finished drinking? Why don’t I bring it for you?” Remember to read a book for one second
Speaking of Moutai, it was only a few days ago when Father Han asked Qiu Mucheng to go back to discuss cooperation with the Hongqi Group.
Now that Han Li thought about it, she asked Han Hai if she would drink.
Hearing the wine again, Han Hai’s old face turned blue at the time. It seems that he remembered that he was in the hospital for alcohol poisoning after fighting with Ye Fan a few days ago in Haiyuan Pavilion.
Thinking of this incident now, Han Hai feels ashamed.
Han Li was obviously unhappy about which pot to open or not to mention. Han Hai hummed angrily, “Stop drinking, quit.”
“Huh? Brother, why did you quit? Didn’t Haiyuan Pavilion drink a lot last time?” Han Lidun was puzzled.
Han Hai was almost mad at the time.
“Okay, shut up you!”
“Don’t say a few words, no one treats you as a dumb.” Qiulei glared at Han Li from the side, motioning him to say a few words.
At this time, the last dish was prepared, and after Ye Fan brought it up, he took a seat and ate.
“how about it?”
“The taste is okay?”
Ye Fan asked everyone with a smile.
But no one cares about him at all.
Han Li and his wife had long wanted Ye Fan to get out, so naturally they would not give him a good face.
As for Han Hai and Sun Yuhao, not to mention, the grudges with Ye Fan are not a day or two.
And Qiu Mucheng, obviously sulking because of Ye Fan’s dislike for him just now, gave Ye Fan angrily, and ignored him.
Ignore it, just let me eat.
Ye Fan didn’t get angry either, he chuckled and ate for himself.
“Things of nothing!”
Han Li and the others looked at Ye Fan in disgust, cursing in a low voice.
Then Han Li looked at Sun Yuhao who was on the side, and immediately took up a dazzling smile, and said with a smile: “Yuhao, didn’t you say something to tell Mucheng tonight?”
When Sun Yuhao heard this, he remembered: “Mom, I almost forgot if you didn’t tell me.”
“Mucheng, tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15. Do you have time?”
“I will take you out for a stroll.”
“The Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, watching movies, eating and the like, there are surprises for you to prepare in the evening.”
Sun Yuhao looked at Qiu Mucheng, with a soft smile at the corner of his mouth, and sent a sincere invitation to Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t expect that the purpose of Sun Yuhao and the others was to invite herself to go out tomorrow.
However, before Qiu Mucheng could answer, Han Li said quickly.
“It’s okay!”
“What can you do?”
“Mucheng will have a holiday tomorrow for the company, a rare opportunity.”
“I’m talking, Yuhao, invite you personally. Even if something happens, Mucheng will have to push her to accompany you.”
“Is it Mucheng?”
“What are you doing in a daze, why not Xie Yuhao kindly.”
Han Li was very excited, it seemed that Sun Yuhao was not inviting Qiu Mucheng, but her own.
“Yuhao, my daughter is good at everything, just too hard.”
“Working day and night, I had long wished to meet someone who would take him out and relax for a while.”
“Tomorrow, you guys can play. The later you play, the better. It’s best to come back the next day and spend the night outside.”

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