A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 366

“Mom, just a few curses, is the guest still at home?”
Qiu Mucheng walked over and said to Han Li displeased.
Han Li stopped scolding Ye Fan, snorted coldly, and left with a straight face. Before leaving, Han Li stared at Ye Fan again, and said coldly, “Hurry up and get out and cook!”
In Han Li’s eyes, Ye Fan’s only role may be to do housework.
Otherwise, Han Li would have driven Ye Fan out of the house.
In the past, there was old man Qiu pressed down, and Han Li was afraid of letting Ye Fan go. After all, no matter how bad Ye Fan was, he was also the son-in-law chosen by Qiu Mucheng himself.
Now that their family is self-reliant and independent from the Qiu family, they are naturally not afraid of Father Qiu.
“My wife Xie is relieved.”
Ye Fan let out a long sigh of relief.
Although Ye Fan was not afraid of being outside, he had to be afraid of his mother-in-law.
After all, he is his wife’s mother, so of course he can’t afford to be a son-in-law. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Fortunately, Qiu Mucheng helped him out just now.
However, Qiu Mucheng glared at him with an angry look: “Who said I was helping you out? I was afraid of being ashamed.”
“Hurry up to cook?”
“Yes, wife!”
Ye Fan didn’t dare to call Qiu Mucheng’s wife before, and once 92d98059 shouted, he would inevitably scold him.
But now, Ye Fan found that Qiu Mucheng no longer resisted calling her wife, and seemed to have acquiesced to this fact.
Perhaps Qiu Mucheng didn’t care about this subtle change, but Ye Fan felt it vividly.
“To shut up!”
“Wife can you shout?”
“Don’t look at your own virtues, what qualifications do you have to let my sister Qiu be your wife?”
“The only people who can match my sister Qiu are those who are as good as my brother Yuhao.”
“You are at most a servant who sweeps the floor and cooks!”
However, Qiu Mucheng hadn’t said anything yet, Han Feifei, who was playing with her mobile phone, was immediately unhappy when she heard it, and yelled at Ye Fan.
Next to Han Feifei, Han Hai had a stern face. Since Ye Fan went home, Han Hai’s face hasn’t looked good, and he didn’t even look at Ye Fan.
As for Sun Yuhao, he also treated Ye Fan as air and ignored him.
The shelves are not small.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan naturally ignored them, and immediately went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.
Since the last time Haiyuan Pavilion had a big ugly meal, no one proposed to eat out this time, so the cooking can only fall on Ye Fan.
Although Ye Fan didn’t catch a cold to Sun Yuhao and the others, he was still his wife’s relatives.
However, when Ye Fan was washing the vegetables, Qiu Mucheng went into the kitchen and took the initiative to wash the pots and bowls.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan felt happy.
It’s better to be your own wife, knowing to love yourself!
However, Ye Fan’s happiness only lasted for one second, and the next second, Ye Fan’s entire face went black.
“what are you doing?”
“How can I use washing powder to clean the pot!”
“Wory, who told you that tomatoes were peeled?”
“Mom chicken, the fire is not on, cooking peat rice~”
“Nima, have you never eaten salt in your life?”
“Fry a tomato and pour half a bag of salt?”
“You want to kill us?”
“Okay, you should go out.”
Ye Fan was about to cry at the time.
This Nima, it’s okay if you don’t come to help. It’s better now, the more you help, the more you can help.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng was driven out of the kitchen by Ye Fan so disgusted.
“Where to stay cool!”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng had a crooked nose at the time, and finally gave Ye Fan a stern look and left angrily.
This lady is cooking for you, just don’t appreciate it, and still dislike this lady?
“You’re exhausted, forget it!”
“This lady swears that she will never help you again.”
“I’m furious!”
Qiu Mucheng walked away angrily, and went to the living room to watch TV, feeling sulking.

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