A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 370

The Mid-Autumn Festival night auction is held in the evening, and the Yunzhou Guild Hall during the day will also hold some activities, but it is undoubtedly much inferior to the evening auction in terms of specifications and levels.
This is why, like Chu Wenfei, they can all come to join in the fun.
After all, the entry threshold during the day is still relatively low.
Chu Wenfei slumped his hands and said, “Yingying, this is not easy to handle, my dad and none of them got it, let alone us.”
“But don’t worry, in less than ten years, I promise that I, Chu Wenfei, will stand at a height that ordinary people can’t reach, and let his organizer personally invite me to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction.”
“Wen Fei, I believe you.” Looking at Chu Wenfei’s determined profile, Qiu Muying was moved and confused, and fell deeply into Chu Wenfei’s arms.
“No wonder I saw a cow flying in the sky?”
“So it was someone blowing on the ground.”
Just as Chu Wenfei pretended to be proud, an inexplicable laughter came from the front.
“Huh?” Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were both stunned when they heard this. Remember to read in one second
Why is this voice so familiar?
“Ye Fan, are you a hillbilly?”
“It’s really bad luck!”
“Can you still meet 2a553768 during the Mid-Autumn Festival?”
“You useless, you are really lingering!”
After seeing Ye Fan, Qiu Muying was immediately shocked, and then shouted.
“What are you doing here?”
“Is this a place where you can come?”
“Hurry up!”
“I get angry when I see you.”
Qiu Muying cursed.
Ye Fan ignored them. At this moment, he just saw Qiu Mucheng approaching, and he immediately greeted them.
Today’s Qiu Mucheng is wearing a pair of white high heels, her ankles are bare, but she is sexy and charming.
The upper body is a black dress with lace trim on the collar, and the waistband design shows the perfect figure of Qiu Mucheng vividly and vividly. The silk dress is more noble. What’s more eye-catching is the huge diamond ring on Qiu Mucheng’s left ring finger, shining brightly.
At the moment when Qiu Mucheng appeared, the eyes of this area were almost completely attracted.
With a cold temperament and stunning face, Qiu Mucheng stood there as the most dazzling star in the sky.
“I’m going, whose noble lady is this?”
“so pretty!”
“It must be the rich lady.”
Many people around are scrutinizing.
But I have to say that Qiu Mucheng’s dress is unique today.
Simple, yet elegant.
Graceful, yet noble!
Of course, the reason why Qiu Mucheng dressed up today was not like Susie’s way to attract Mr. Chu. She was just out of courtesy.
After all, today’s occasion is different, especially the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction in the evening, which is full of bigwigs.
Of course Qiu Mucheng did not dare to neglect such a formal occasion, otherwise she would not be laughed at.
“What a bullshit wife!”
“She is just a wife of a son-in-law.”
“Her husband is a door-to-door son-in-law.”
“Still a countryman without money and power.”
At this time, Qiu Muying’s laughter came from the crowd.
Afterwards, Qiu Muying walked over and said with a smile: “Sister, how do you feel like the dog of the bereavement?”
“The clothes are not bad. They are still famous brands. It cost a lot of money.”
“Advise you to be diligent and thrifty, lest you have no money for rice in the future.”
“By the way, I don’t know what the third sister is here for today? Those who are here today are all upper-class people, either rich or expensive.”
“The third sister is your identity, won’t you come here to find a gap, so as to inspire yourself to work hard, right?”
“Isn’t it embarrassing to still carry this waste?”
Qiu Mu’s eyes were full of sarcasm and smile.

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