A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 371

“It turns out to be the wife of a redneck!”
“I thought it was the wife of which big boss?”
“After doing it for a long time, it’s just a pity.”
“It’s really vanity to dress up if you have no money.”
Hearing Qiu Muying’s words, everyone around also shook their heads and smiled.
Suddenly, I felt that the woman in front of me didn’t look so noble anymore. Except for being beautiful, it is actually useless.
However, Qiu Mucheng turned a deaf ear to the ridicule of everyone around him.
After experiencing so many things, Qiu Mucheng no doubt no longer cared about others as he did before.
He looked at Qiu Muying, but faintly replied: “I’m so sorry, I’m afraid I will disappoint you.”
“I’m here not to find a gap, but to be invited by the organizer to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival night Yunzhou auction tonight.” First website m.
“It just happened to be idle during the day, so I came here early.”
“Invited to the auction at night?”
“I think you are talking nonsense, you!”
Qiu Muying frowned suddenly and said displeased.
She never believed that people like Qiu Mucheng would be invited by the organizer to participate in the auction at night?
None of them are eligible to participate.
His husband’s father was not invited either.
A wife of a door-to-door son-in-law, an abandoned daughter from the Qiu family, and a small boss of a leather bag company, will be invited by Fang?
It’s nonsense!
“just you?”
“If you have no money or power, you are still invited to the meeting?”
“This one was made by Yunzhou Li Erye. My husband was not invited. You are a small person. Will Li Erye invite you?”
“It’s a joke!”
“Lying and don’t find something convincing to say 6740e629.”
“Look at you, let alone the auction at night, even this daytime hall, you can’t enter!”
Qiu Muying sneered, but he spoke rudely. Looking at Qiu Mucheng and the others, his eyes were full of disdain.
Qiu Mucheng ignored her either, just faintly replied, “If you can’t get in, don’t bother you to worry about it.”
At this time, time has come to the hotel.
The staff inside finally opened the door, and there were nearly a hundred security guards nearby to maintain order.
In order for the Mid-Autumn Night auction to be held smoothly today, Li Lao Er has contacted the traffic police department and closed the entire road nearby. Only pedestrians can walk and no vehicles are allowed to enter.
“Ladies and gentlemen.”
“Please don’t be crowded.”
“As there are too many people, please follow the notice and enter in an orderly manner.”
“Now, please come to the reception desk with the VIPs invited to participate in the auction tonight, and enter through the VIP channel!”
“Ladies and gentlemen~”
A loud voice from the staff came from the front.
After Qiu Muying heard it, she immediately looked at Qiu Mucheng and sarcastically said, “Sister, what are you still doing in a daze?”
“Do you call you?”
“Didn’t you say that you were invited to come to the evening auction?”
“Then go!”
“Would you take the VIP channel, how beautiful?”
Qiu Mu’s eyes filled with ironic smile.
Chu Wenfei on the side was also watching the joke: “Yingying, you said you too. Your third sister also relied on bragging to find some confidence in front of you, are you still exposing others?”
“How did you make your third sister get off the stage?”
The couple sang and made peace, and everyone around them laughed.
For a while, everyone looked at Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan with ridicule and sarcasm. In the eyes of everyone, these two people have become a joke on the scene.
“What’s the use of looking good?”
“Too vain.”
“Obviously I’m just a poor man, and I married a hillbilly. Isn’t it okay to stay on my stomach?”
“Run here to brag and make big talk.”
“It’s been exposed now, shame it?”
Everyone shook their heads and laughed.
Facing the ridicule, Qiu Mucheng remained calm, but looked at Qiu Mucheng and his wife: “Okay, as you wish.”
“Ye Fan, let’s go over together.”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng and the two walking towards the VIP passage ahead, everyone present was shocked.
“Do they really dare to go?”
“Bring that hillbilly!”
Qiu Muying and his wife were also full of surprises, and then suddenly laughed.
“Yingying, your third sister seems to have a bad head.”
“If you excite yourself, they will pass.”
Qiu Muying sneered: “Let them go.”
“See how they end up in a while?”
Qiu Muying didn’t expect that as soon as his words were stirred, Ye Fan’s husband and wife passed away like idiots.
“Wait to make a fool of you!”
At this moment, dozens of eyes in this area fell on Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.

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