A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 378

“Okay, shut up you!”
“Isn’t it shameful enough?”
“At this time, you still put your face up and let someone beat him?”
“Mucheng marries you, it’s really bad luck for eight lifetimes.”
Susie didn’t expect that Ye Fan would not give up, but she still wanted to let people verify the authenticity.
Is it true? Isn’t it true?
You have to let people smash their faces, right?
“I knew I wouldn’t bring such an idiot together!”
Susie flushed with anger and felt ashamed to stand with Ye Fan at this time.
Now she wanted to stay away from Ye Fan, a hillbilly.
However, just when Susie was about to pull Qiu Mucheng away, who would have thought that Qiu Mucheng would actually walk towards the counter according to what Ye Fan said. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Mucheng, what are you doing?”
“You don’t really believe that it is a real diamond, do you?”
“Such a big diamond ring, if it’s true, do you know how much it costs?”
“The hillbilly can’t afford it even if he sells himself!”
Susie was shocked, but no matter how she persuaded, Qiu Mucheng turned a deaf ear to her and walked forward.
“You are crazy~”
“I don’t care about you!”
“If you want to be ashamed of him, lose it.”
“It’s not my husband anyway~”
Susie’s nose was crooked and she said angrily from behind.
Qiu Muying and others were also surprised at this time.
“She really dare to test?”
“Did Qiu Mucheng kick her head by a donkey?”
“It’s a shame!”
Qiu Muying smiled even more on her face, then looked at the lady at the counter, and said with a grin, “Tell her to check.”
“Since everyone took the initiative to send the face, of course we have to accept 74357d9a.”
Qiu Muying sneered, even more proud.
She wanted to see, how come Qiu Mucheng and the others step down?
However, as soon as Qiu Muying’s words fell, the lady at the counter immediately called out excitedly.
“Miss, it is a great blessing for you to find a husband who loves you so much. I look envious. If it weren’t for the aunt, I would already be the mother of two children, otherwise I would definitely want I grabbed your husband from you.”
The words of the aunt at the counter made everyone stunned.
“What do you mean?” Qiu Mu said with an eyebrow.
The aunt at the counter was still excited, and her hand holding the diamond ring was shaking: “I mean, this diamond ring is real.”
“Whether it is the quality of the diamond or the design of the jewelry, it is the best.”
“Furthermore, the lady’s husband said just now that it is a diamond ring that the Shen Group will sell this year, and the price is 3.99 million.”
“Now I can tell you responsibly, the value of this diamond ring has nearly doubled, and the market price has exceeded 9 million.”
Ye Fan was also surprised when he heard this.
Ignoring everyone’s gaze, the aunt at the counter continued: “As far as I know, this diamond ring is called “Lover’s Tears”. It was created by the Shen Group and the well-known jewelry brand Levisi, and was created by the world’s top jewelry designer Mai A. Mr. Se personally designed and participated in the whole process and produced it.”
“Due to the complexity of the process, only two diamond rings were made in the first batch.”
“One of them is sold by the Shen Group, and the other is sold by Levis Jewelry.”
“However, just a few days ago, Mr. McArthur died of a heart attack. This “lover’s tears” has therefore become Mr. McArthur’s last posthumous work.”
“Furthermore, due to the sudden death of Mr. McArthur, there was no time to record the most important craftsmanship made by “Lover’s Tears”, and this diamond ring could no longer be produced. Only the first two of the existing ones exist. Yu Shi.”
“The price of the other one on Levisi’s official website is now as high as 9.9 million.”
“So, this lady, congratulations. The diamond ring in your hand has become the only gemstone ring in the world!”
Hearing this, the whole audience trembled.
Everyone was shocked.

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