A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 377

Susie was so angry.
This Ye Fan wanted money but no money, had a lot of abilities and had no abilities, and he was in a mess.
Isn’t this embarrassing?
Isn’t this self-inflicted?
Susie has decided that when this auction is over, he must let Ye Fan, a hillbilly, leave his girlfriend.
“Just you, a poor countryman, a door-to-door son-in-law, have the money to buy a diamond ring?”
“What diamond ring, take it out for us to see?”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Qiu Muying and his wife e0d9306a seemed to hear a joke.
However, Ye Fan was not angry. Since they wanted to watch it, they just did what they wanted: “Mucheng, raise your hand and let your sister take a look.”
“Look at what you are looking at!” The starting website m.
“are you an idiot?”
“Mucheng, let’s go, ignore this idiot!” Susie was mad at the time.
A fake ring, this guy still has a face for others to see?
“You are shameless, does Mucheng still have a face?”
Susie’s pretty face flushed with anger, she cursed Ye Fan fiercely, then pulled Qiu Mucheng up and left.
“Mucheng, let’s ignore him and let this idiot be ashamed of himself here.”
However, what Susie did not expect was that Qiu Mucheng was not only not angry at all, but also smiled faintly.
“Cici, it’s okay. If they want to see, just let them see.”
“There will be no less meat.”
After Susie heard this, she was dumbfounded, and she lowered her voice and said to Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, are you crazy?”
“That hillbilly is stupid, why are you…”
“Don’t you know, what are you wearing?”
“Aren’t you afraid of being ashamed?”
Susie only thought that her girlfriend was crazy, not normal at all.
And Qiu Mucheng just said it was okay, and then she really raised her hand, and the diamond ring on her ring finger suddenly shone with dazzling brilliance and appeared in the eyes of everyone.
Qiu Muying and his wife looked at them and were slightly surprised, but then the smile on their faces became even greater.
“Oh, what a big diamond ring!”
“Such a big size, at least 9 carats.”
“It’s expensive, right?”
“I think it’s at least one million.”
“San brother-in-law, you are really rich. I envy my third sister.” Qiu Muying said sarcastically.
Ye Fan smiled and nodded: “Well, you also have vision.”
“This diamond ring is the latest model of Shen’s jewelry, the price is about 3.9 million. The multi-colored diamonds, set off with gold, interpret high elegance.”
“This diamond ring, both in design and style, highlights the nobility and elegance.”
“Especially the 9.9 carat diamond is the essence of this diamond ring. It symbolizes the long-lasting happiness of my third sister and me. It also symbolizes the friendship between me and Mucheng, comparable to Jin Jian.”
“In my name, I’m in your fingertips. Accompanied by life, and by life.”
“I gave this diamond ring to Mucheng to make up for the wedding owed three years ago.”
When saying these words, Ye Fan’s eyes always fell on Qiu Mucheng’s body.
Soft words, but with endless affection and debt. In the deep eyebrows, there is an inexplicable light.
Yes, as Qiu Muying said, at the wedding three years ago, Ye Fan owed Qiu Mucheng too much.
The wedding was supposed to be the most glorious moment for a woman, but Ye Fan gave her only shame.
“I go!”
“Are you an idiot?”
“Can’t you tell that she is being ironic?”
“It’s 9.9 carats, and 3.99 million?”
“God, you made it up!”
Susie listened to Ye Fan’s words, but she was so angry that she couldn’t wait to slap her up and awaken the daydreamer.
Sure enough, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei next to them also bent over with a smile.
“No way, I’m so ridiculous.”
“A fake ring, are you embarrassed to blow it here?”
“Still with you for the rest of your life? Still noble and elegant?”
“A broken glass bead, where is noble and elegant?”
“It’s still 3.99 million?”
“Do you really dare to say?”
“I think it is nine dollars and nine cents, is it a long time after all?”
“A poor man in the country, here is a fake diamond ring to pretend to be a lover? It’s a laugh!”
Qiu Muying almost laughed, unable to straighten her waist at all.
She was just saying a few words of irony to Ye Fan before, but she didn’t expect this hillbilly to take it seriously.
And he was pretending to be there.
Why is there such a wonderful thing in the world?
“Why, don’t you believe it?”
“If you don’t believe it, you can let the sister on the counter verify the authenticity.”
“A real diamond ring and a fake diamond ring, you will know it naturally?”
Ye Fan’s expression was still calm, and there was nothing unusual about Qiu Muying and others’ ridicule.

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