A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 391

This blue and white porcelain was chosen by him. Ye Fan’s words questioned not only the credibility of Babaotang, but also the insight of Han Shaojie.
Therefore, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, the two of them were of course unhappy.
“Yes, Brother Fan.”
12a79ce0 “What did you mean by that?”
“I bought this porcelain, why did I lose everything?” Shen Fei asked in confusion.
Ye Fan chuckled softly: “Why? Of course, this blue and white porcelain in your hand is not what the shop owner said, it is a treasure of Yuan blue and white. The true value is probably more than the money you spent on buying it. Take too much less.”
“In other words, it is a fake.”
Ye Fan’s words shocked everyone.
Yang He was even more furious: “Nonsense!”
“My Babaotang is also a well-known sign in the antique world.” Remember to read for a second
“Who doesn’t know the golden sign of our Babaotang in the entire Yunzhou antique world?”
“The year before last, an authentic piece of Tang Yin broke out, shocking the entire Yunzhou collection circle. It was sold by my Babaotang.”
“Last year, at the Yunzhou auction, a copybook was sold at a high price of tens of millions, which was also from the Eight Treasures of Myself!”
“Even last month, my Babaotang sold a well-preserved cloisonne from the Guangxu period.”
“History has proven countless times that everything I sell in Babaotang is authentic and verifiable.”
“Babaotang is a century-old brand, with integrity as the top priority. Even if there is nothing to sell, we will never do shoddy and despicable things and smash our Babaotang century-old signboard!”
“It’s you, a yellow-mouthed kid, with empty mouth and white teeth. You say that Baibaotang is shoddy and false. Today, if you don’t tell me why, even if you are a friend of Young Master Shen, I will I will never let it go!”
Yang He’s old face was sullen and angry.
That angry words, only if the storm swept across. The sonorous words are like thunder and thunder.
Facing Ye Fan, he scolded angrily.
Binghan’s angry voice echoed throughout the exhibition hall on the sixth floor.
Their Babaotang has established a foothold in the antique industry because of its brand reputation.
In Babaotang, the true is true, and the false is false, absolutely unambiguous.
And what Ye Fan’s behavior today is bad is the foundation on which they Babaotang relies, and Yang He is of course angry.
When Shen Fei saw this, he looked at Ye Fan and said repeatedly: “Brother Fan, are you wrong? This boss is right. Babaotang has always been very reputable. My father bought the authentic Tang Yin from here. How could this blue and white porcelain be fake?”
At this time, the movement here also attracted Su Yuanshan and his party.
At first they were curious about what happened that made the shop owner so angry.
However, after seeing Ye Fan in it, Qiu Mucheng and Susie were almost crazy at the time.
“I go!”
“It’s him again.”
“Is this hillbilly crazy?”
“He made trouble for us on purpose?”
Susie scolded angrily.
Qiu Mucheng was worried and angry in her heart, rushed to hold Ye Fan, and at the same time explained to Yang He Lianlian apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
“I apologize to you for him, he really just didn’t mean to offend.”
“I will take him away now.”
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was pale, and after apologizing to Yang He, she grabbed Ye Fan and walked out.
“Hurry up?”
“Jing makes trouble for me, can you stop for a while.”
“Do you know antiques?”
“I don’t know how to play the piano here, don’t you mean to be ashamed?”
Qiu Mucheng was obviously really angry too.
How can there be a husband like this who tries to make trouble everywhere and doesn’t know how to pretend to understand.
A woman marries a man in the hope that he can shelter from the wind and rain, rather than causing trouble all day long.
However, Ye Fan didn’t mean to leave. He just looked at Qiu Mucheng and said lightly: “Do you think I’m talking nonsense?”

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