A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 392

“if not?!”
“Do you still want to tell me that you are Master Appreciation Master?” Qiu Mu shouted at Ye Fan with a red eye.
She didn’t expect that at this time, if Ye Fan was still here to say this to her, Qiu Mucheng was naturally even more angry.
Ye Fan was expressionless, and then laughed at himself: “Yes, in your eyes, Ye Fan is just a driver from the countryside. However, Qiu Mucheng, I will prove to you who is talking nonsense. ”
“just you?”
“You are a poor boy in the country, have you seen antiques?”
“You haven’t touched it before, and you still have a face to learn from others’ treasures?”
“Isn’t this taking your own humiliation and deliberately embarrassing you for Mucheng?”
“Hurry up with us?!”
Susie felt even more ridiculous when she heard Ye Fan’s words, and she immediately sneered.
“Don’t.” First URL m.
“I think this little brother has a very understanding look, he must be a master of appraising treasures.”
“Since they want to prove it, why not let him prove it.”
“I’m really curious, where did this buddy have the confidence to think that this Yuan Qinghua is a fake?” At this time, Han Shaojie’s faint laughter came.
It’s just that the tone in that sentence is really ironic no matter how you hear it.
“He is a hillbilly, who knows a fart?” Susie gritted her teeth with anger.
At this time, everyone present was looking at Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan to speak his arguments, so as to prove his judgment.
However, Ye Fan gave a faint smile: “I really don’t understand Jianbao. But I do know that the Yuan Qinghua in front of me is a fake.”
Upon hearing this, the entire crowd exploded.
“I’ll go to Nima!”
“Is this guy an idiot?”
“I don’t understand Jianbao, and still say that the blue and white porcelain is a fake?”
“I think this kid is deliberately messing up the scene!”
Everyone talked, looking at Ye Fan as if looking at an idiot.
“After a long time, it turned out to be an idiot.”
“What about the security?”
“Don’t drive this messy idiot out?” Yang He was also mad.
Originally, he thought that the young man in front of him was so determined and self-confident that he really saw some suspicion, and he was really knowledgeable. But now it seems that it’s just an idiot with a disability.
Don’t understand Jianbao?
Then you have the confidence to say that it is fake.
When Han Shaojie saw this, he also shook his head and smiled, and whispered: “A Fei, it seems that this so-called big person in your mouth is not so veritable?”
While talking, Han Shaojie smiled sarcastically, watching the farce calmly.
Shen Fei’s expression was also a little ugly, and he didn’t expect that Mr. Chu would be such a person who pretended to be such a random person regardless of occasion.
This appraiser is extremely professional. If you don’t understand, why bother to comment?
For a time, Ye Fan’s impression in Shen Fei’s mind was undoubtedly greatly reduced. Looking at Ye Fan’s gaze, he was also less respectful.
After all, no one likes this kind of unkind person who pretends to be forced.
Therefore, facing the security guard who had surrounded him, Shen Fei did not stop him, just watched quietly.
Su Yuanshan, Sunan and his son also shook their heads for a while, and they looked at Ye Fan with more contempt and contempt.
No wonder my daughter is so disgusted and contemptuous of the driver from the countryside, there is really a reason.
“Damn, Mucheng.”
“Is this hillbilly an idiot?”
“Has the head been kicked by a donkey?”
“What kind of occasion, isn’t this deliberately making trouble?”
“I would not bring him if I knew it, we will have to be killed by him sooner or later!” Susie was itchy.
Qiu Mucheng was also full of sullen anger, brows and eyes flushed, and shouted at Ye Fan: “Enough!”
“Ye Fan, are you making enough trouble?”
“Are you mad at me?”
“I brought you here to let you increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons. I didn’t want you to add chaos to me?”

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