A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 393

“Mucheng, I think this hillbilly came here deliberately to add trouble to us.”
“Make trouble everywhere!”
“Don’t leave soon?” Susie also roared angrily.
“Go!” The staff of Babaotang directly let Ye Fan go.
The wealthy people onlookers were also full of disdain and disgust towards Ye Fan.
The father and son Su Yuanshan shook their heads again and again, only wondering why such a powerful woman as Qiu Mucheng could find such a person as a driver and bodyguard?
Han Shaojie looked at him coldly, looking at Ye Fan, who was pointed at by thousands of people in front of him like a joke.
For a time, everyone insulted him, many people were reprimanding him, even Qiu Mucheng blamed Ye Fan for causing trouble.
At that moment, Ye Fan was like an abandoned son abandoned by the world, and became a laughing stock in everyone’s eyes. The lights in the exhibition hall shone on him, casting a shadow on the ground.
At this time, the security had already surrounded him.
When the security guard here was about to take Ye Fan away forcibly, a low voice suddenly came from behind the crowd. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“What happened, why is it so loud?”
Amidst the sullen sound, only an old man walked over with a sullen face accompanied by several people.
This person has gray hair, but there is a sense of majesty between the anger, and he can see that he is a person of high social status.
“Gu…Gu President Gu?” Yang He shuddered when he saw the old man in front of him. He didn’t have the pretense he had before, so he hurried to meet him.
“Huh? President? Gu?”
“Could it be the vice president of the Yunzhou Antiques Association?”
“Visiting professor at Jiangdong University, the respected ancient father of Gu Longen in appreciating treasures?”
“I went, and even the big guys in the collection world were alarmed. I’m afraid this kid is miserable!”
Seeing Gu Longen’s arrival, many people at the scene suddenly looked gloat.
This Gu Longen is a master in the antiques world, and he has a great research on appraising treasures. This person also has a very high status and prestige in the collecting world.
Now the entire antique exhibition hall on the sixth floor seems to be in charge of the ancient father’s organization. Now that Ye Fan is making trouble, Gu Longen is afraid that he will have to make him unable to eat.
“President Gu, it’s not that we were making a fuss on purpose. It’s mainly because we had someone picking things up. Just now…” Yang He obviously also respected Gu Longen very much, and he quickly came out to explain, telling what happened just now. To Gurone.
“The origin of this blue and white porcelain can be checked, and the inheritance is orderly. If we are not 100% sure, how can we sell it as Yuan blue and white porcelain.”
“What’s more, Master Shen has also been authenticated by a special person, and it is undoubtedly authentic.”
“But this person does not say it is a fake.”
“Gu President, you also know the reputation of my Babaotang in the industry.”
“This person is messing up my reputation, deliberately making trouble for me.” Yang He said angrily.
And Gu Longen frowned: “Is there anything else?”
Then Gu Longen looked at Shen Fei: “Master Shen, do you think this blue and white porcelain is real? But really want to buy it?”
Shen Fei nodded: “Gu President, my brother has indeed tested it. This blue and white porcelain is indeed Yuan blue and white, and I really want to buy it.”
After Ye Fan heard it, he suddenly smiled: “Shen Fei, if the brother you mentioned is here, it is good to persuade you to break up with him directly. This kind of falsehood is true brothers, either bad or stupid. Be careful in the future. Big loss.”
“You~~” Han Shaojie was annoyed at the time, trembling with anger, wishing to kick this guy up.
Ye Fan’s words clearly pointed to his nose and scolded him.
Shen Fei hugged him quickly: “Shaojie, don’t be stupid, you can’t beat him.”
Shen Fei knows Ye Fan’s abilities, Wu Herong was beaten to death by his several strokes, not to mention Han Shaojie, who had no power to bind the chicken?

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