A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 402

Still, a dead tree shaped like antlers, a strange stone shaped like a snail, and star-dotted dwarf bamboo sticks out from behind the strange stone. Cong bamboo spreads, leaning on the rock ups and downs, wild and interesting.
Besides, besides this brush painting, there is a pen to leave words for Mi Fu’s calligraphy: Forty people say, three years without clothes; poor as the world, roads and dangers, old learning and Taoism. It’s already night to cf0781af, why don’t you know that I’m scarce; I’m happy to meet the elegant companions, and Yan never returns.
At the moment when this painting was unveiled by Ye Fan, everyone felt that the entire exhibition hall was bright.
Like a pearl covered with dust, when the dust disperses, glory will return to the world! ! !
“This… under this painting, there are still paintings?”
At this moment, everyone was confused.
The sneers and ridicules to Ye Fan before stopped abruptly.
As for Yang He himself, it was as if he was struck in place by lightning, and he stayed there, dumbfounded. His eyes were wide open, staring at the painting in front of him.
Susie was also stunned in place, Qiu Mucheng covered her red lips with her surprised jade hand.
Han Shaojie and Shen Fei were even more shocked, eyes full of disbelief. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Who could have imagined that there is such a mystery hidden under that crude painting?
Could it be that this painting is really…. by Su Dongpo?
“But how is this possible?”
“Isn’t the real work already auctioned off?”
“Could it be that Su Dongpo painted two paintings back then, or is it that the painting that was auctioned off by Christie’s before is… fake?!!!”
The crowd has exploded, everyone is talking about each other.
And when Gu Longen saw this painting made, he was no longer calm.
The old face was trembling, his pupils shrank, and he quickly took a magnifying glass and looked over.
“Little…Little sir, hurry up, let me see.”
“In this life, if I can appreciate Mr. Dongpo’s handed down work with my own eyes, it will be death, no regrets~”
Gu Longen was almost crazy with excitement. Before Ye Fan called him, he immediately ran up.
Especially when he saw the painting in front of him, his eyes were shining. In that way, it was like seeing a naked, peerless beauty in his bed.
For an old artist like Gu Longen, there is nothing more happier than seeing a pair of treasures handed down in person.
And if this “Withered Wood and Strange Rocks” is true, it will undoubtedly be a sensational event in the national art collection circle!
The whole exhibition hall was already quiet, and everyone was standing in one area, staring blankly.
The old man wanted to appreciate the peerless beauty, looking at the painting in front of him excitedly, his whole old face was already red because of his excitement.
As he watched, his palm was shaking, and finally he sighed with excitement, almost tearful: “Withered trees are like antlers, and strange rocks are like snails. The brush looks like weeds and grass, and does not look for the shape. But the importance of the brush is intricate and intertwined. My profound brush skills are something I have never seen before in my life.”
“There are also those calligraphy with the brush next to them, the pen is the dragon and the snake, and the back of the character is strong. It must be the work of everyone in calligraphy.”
“Such masterpieces are fortunate for my Chinese culture, and even more for my Chinese culture.”
“I have been in the collection world for 50 years, and I have appreciated countless masterpieces. The value of this painting, even if it is not the first, is also among the top three!”
“Mr., as you said, judging from the artistic value of this painting alone, it is truly authentic!”
“It’s Gu Longen who has eyes and no beads and doesn’t know the treasures, and made a joke that made the little gentleman laugh.”
“If Mr. Xiao doesn’t dislike it, after today, I am willing to abandon the views of elders and children, and respect Mr. Xiao as a teacher!!”
Gu Longen’s words were once again like thunder that blew up everywhere, causing a terrible wave in everyone’s hearts!

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