A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 401

“What is he doing?”
“I think he is crazy, right?”
“President Gu verified it twice and said that the fakes were worthless. Could he still give up?”
“It’s like an idiot!”
Ye Fan’s actions attracted ridicule again.
Susie was even more angry when she saw it.
“Don’t you feel shameful enough, you hillbilly?”
“It’s still so stubborn, shameful!”
“Damn, there are such stupid pigs in the world.”
“Mucheng’s face was completely lost by this waste.” The first website m.
Susie scolded angrily, just thinking that Ye Fan was extremely stupid.
The genuine product has long ago belonged to it. If you think about it with your toes, it must be fake.
Does Ye Fan’s idiot think that Su Dongpo painted two identical paintings back then?
Qiu Mucheng also glanced back at this time, and suddenly became even more disappointed with Ye Fan.
Until now, he is still obsessed with it, more than repentance?
Do you have to hit the south wall to look back?
Do you have to see the Yellow River to give up?
Want a way to get dark?
There has never been a moment for Qiu Mucheng to be so disappointed in Ye Fan like she is now.
Perhaps, as Susie said, there has never been a fit between him and Ye Fan.
For a moment, Qiu Mucheng only felt that the inexhaustible flame in her heart was gradually extinguished.
However, just when Qiu Mucheng had completely given up and was about to leave alone.
Behind him, the crowd who had been noisy suddenly became quiet.
Immediately afterwards, there was a sound of air-conditioning mixed with shocks and tremors.
So strange, Qiu Mucheng’s departure stopped immediately.
“Could it be that there really is a turnaround?”
“Could it be that Ye Fan, such persistence, really has his reason not?”
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng turned around and walked back again.
I saw Ye Fan still standing there in the crowd, and the “Withered Wood and Strange Stone Picture” in front of him was carefully spread on the mahogany square table in front of him, and then Ye Fan asked for one from Su Yuanshan. Bottle of mineral water, took a sip.
Finally, I got my energy and sprayed suddenly at the calligraphy and painting in front of me.
Ye Fan sprayed several mouthfuls in succession, and everyone was surprised by the appearance.
Could it be that this painting and calligraphy really contains any secrets?
Just like the legendary wordless heavenly book, it appears when you encounter water!
However, the miracle did not appear after all.
Even Ye Fan spit out a bottle of water, but apart from being wet, there was nothing unusual about the calligraphy and painting.
“After a long time, it turned out to be a mystery!”
“Unfortunately, I thought, what monstrous ability this stinky boy really has?”
“Still spraying water on the painting with pretentiousness?”
“It looks like it’s just a bluffing trick.”
There was a harsh chuckle again.
Yang He even more impatiently said: “Smelly boy, don’t waste time!”
“Whether you spray it with water or burn it with fire, waste is waste.”
“You can’t break a stone into a diamond diamond, nor can a toad become a white swan!”
“Waste is waste, it can only be trampled underfoot for a lifetime.”
Yang He was condescending, his eyes filled with wanton smiles, and the disdain and contempt in his words were so vivid.
But everyone could hear that Yang He seemed to be talking about the painting, but it was actually mocking Ye Fan.
“Accept fate, bastard~” Yang He sneered.
But at this time, the painting that was originally wet with water wrinkled a corner under Ye Fan’s movements.
At this moment, everyone around was stunned.
Immediately afterwards, among the shocked and violent eyes of everyone, they only saw that Ye Fan clamped the wrinkled corner with tweezers, and then carefully pulled, the whole calligraphy and painting was actually provoked by a thin layer of cicada wings. surface layer.
And as the surface is provoked, a new painting that is covered under the surface is finally reappearing in the world at this moment!
No, it cannot be said to be a new painting.
This is because the painting that has just appeared is very similar to the painting that Ye Fan has just dampened with water and removed. The composition is completely the same except for the different workmanship.

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