A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 404

“You… what do you mean?”
Gu Longen realized something, shaking his whole body, and then said.
Ye Fan smiled and nodded: “Yes, this is an imitation painting with artistic value and not lost to the original.”
Imitation painting?
Is the value weaker than the original?
Ye Fan’s words trembled everyone again.
But Yang He laughed and cursed directly.
“Fart you!”
“A fake is a fake.”
“No one in the world knows that the price of a counterfeit product is less than one ten thousandth of the real product.” First website m.
“Why, in your mouth, the fake is actually more valuable?”
“It’s so ridiculous!”
“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense with you. Since you admit that this is a fake, then take the money, one million, transfer or pay for the house?”
“Our gambling appointment has been witnessed by so many people, don’t you kidding me!”
Yang Heluo smiled and let Ye Fan take the money again.
However, Ye Fan smiled, but the smile on Ye Fan’s face was a bit cold.
“Boss Yang, I didn’t take the gambling agreement just now. I didn’t take it seriously. Quan Dang was joking with Boss Yang.”
“But now, seeing Boss Yang being so aggressive. I suddenly changed my mind.”
Ye Fan sneered, then stepped forward, pointed to the four inconspicuous small characters in the corner of the painting, and then said: “I don’t know everyone, can you recognize these four characters?”
Just now Gu Longen had just looked at the painting, but he didn’t pay attention to the corners, and there were four small characters hidden.
The old man walked over and took a look, his expression stagnated immediately, and an old face was drawn instantly: “Zhang…Zhang…Zhang Daqian, imitate?”
Hearing that person’s name, everyone present trembled.
Even Yang He himself stayed in place like a lightning strike.
“Yes, this painting is copied by Zhang Daqian, the “Fake King”!”
“In the history of Chinese calligraphy and painting art, if we say that there are imitations of people in this world whose value is higher than the original.”
“There is no doubt that it is known as the “Oriental Pen”, the master of Chinese painting, Zhang Daqian!”
Ye Fan said in a cold voice, the words were like gold and stones, and the words were sonorous, and they kept ringing in the entire exhibition hall.
After that, Ye Fan’s eyebrows were like a knife, and he turned his head to look at Yang He ahead, and spoke coldly.
“In 1940, Zhang Daqian, a master of traditional Chinese painting, imitated the Northern Song Dynasty painter Ju Ran’s “Qingfengtu”.”
“Fifty years later, it will be sold for 70 million!”
“Later in 2016, the “Imitated Juran Sunny Peak” was sold at the Guardian Autumn Auction for 13.5 million!
“In 1946, Zhang Daqian also imitated the “Evening Scene of the River Embankment” by Dong Yuan, a painter of the Five Dynasties Southern Tang Dynasty.”
“Seventy years later, this painting was sold for 130 million yuan!”
“And now this “Picture of Strange Rocks in Bamboo Mountain” imitating Su Dongpo is not only exquisite in painting, but also outstanding in inscription and calligraphy.”
“Its artistic value far exceeds the other two paintings.”
“Even if Zhang Daqian used it as the lowest auction price in the past, it was 70 million.”
“And you, Boss Yang! Just boasted about Haikou, if this painting is worth more than 10,000 yuan, ten times the compensation…”
Ye Fan’s words were surging, a few words in a row, but they were like thunder, exploding everywhere. Every time he said something, Ye Fan took a step forward, and his momentum rose a bit.
The whole person, like a sword, slowly unsheathed!
Until the end, Ye Fan paused, and then, with a cold drink, it was shocking!
Only if the sword comes out of the box, the edge will be revealed! !
“I said~”
“You really can’t afford it!!!”
Under Ye Fan’s words, everyone only felt that a gust of wind swept across.
In panic and horror, Yang He himself, with a plop, was so frightened that he lay on the ground.

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