A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 405

Seven…70 million? ?
Even if it is calculated at the lowest price of Zhang Daqian’s previous works, that doubles ten times, that is 700 million?
Seven hundred million!
Yang He was already scared to pee at this time, his old face was as pale as paper, and he was completely unlovable when lying on the ground.
He just sold his Babao Pavilion, it’s not worth 700 million.
Until now, Yang He finally understood that He Yefan kept saying that he could not afford to pay for cf2a9f4a.
The fact is indeed the case. Although he has been in the antique business for so many years, he has made some price difference, and his deposit is only tens of millions. Even if he sells the store, he will make a hundred million.
Even if he smashed the pot and sold iron, he couldn’t afford Ye Fan 700 million.
Seeing Yang He’s pale old face, Ye Fan suddenly smiled and looked at him condescendingly: “What’s wrong with Boss Yang? Didn’t you just look pretentious?”
“Why is this directly on the floor?”
“I don’t want to delay time.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“That won’t work, I’m still in a hurry. We are willing to bet and lose, and we should settle the 700 million account as soon as possible.”
“Have you thought about it, how do you pay?”
“I support Alipay and WeChat transfer, and cash is also fine.”
“Of course, it’s not enough, and the cost of housing is fine.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly after learning what Yang He was just now. But he returned all the ridicule that Yang He had made to him before.
“I…I…” Facing Ye Fan’s words, Yang He was lying on the ground, his face looked ugly as if he had eaten Rexiang.
At this time, his old face was flushed, almost ashamed. The corners of his lips trembled, and he cried like a rooster there, but for a long time he couldn’t say a word.
He had wanted to get some money from Ye Fan to make up for today’s loss, but he did not expect that it would end in this way in the end.
Not only did the money fail to get, but 700 million was lost, and now even this old face is lost!
Today this is too much.
Not only was he discredited, he was afraid that their Babao Pavilion would become a joke in the antique world in the future.
However, just as Yang He was ashamed and unbearable, and didn’t know how to end, he saw his son Yang Wei walked out and directly cursed Ye Fan: “Seven hundred million, do you dare to ask for this stinky boy?”
“You are blackmail!”
“Our Babao Pavilion does not owe you, why should we give you money?”
“You keep saying that my father owes you 700 million. Do you have any evidence? Do you have an IOU?”
“I just want to take away 700 million from us, just wishful thinking!”
“There is also this painting, this is my father’s collection, it belongs to our Babao Pavilion, and it has nothing to do with you.”
Yang Wei obviously didn’t even want his face because of the money, and immediately started to shame.
While speaking, he stretched out his hand to grab the “Withered Wood and Strange Stone Picture”, and Ye Fan would naturally not let him succeed.
He took the painting in his arms first.
After that, Ye Fan ignored Yang Wei, but looked at Yang He: “Boss Yang, what do you mean? Is it because you want to cheat, if you don’t admit it?”
“The gambling agreement just now, the people sitting here are all witnesses.”
“President Gu is also a witness.”
“Doesn’t Boss Yang keep saying that he runs honestly and is honest?”
“Could it be that Boss Yang is planning to smash the signboard of Babao Pavilion for a hundred years?”
Ye Fan’s teasing laughter continued to sound.
The wealthy people who were watching also turned to help Ye Fan to speak.
“Yeah, Boss Yang, the big man is willing to bet and lose. It would be a little embarrassing for you to reckless.”
“If it spreads out in the future, you still can’t open the Eight Treasure Pavilion?”
“Boss Yang, the sign of Babao Pavilion for a century. Are you really going to smash it?”
“Are you worthy of your ancestor’s ancestor?”
“Boss Yang, you have to be honest.”
“Otherwise, who can value you in the future?”
The people around you are talking every word. They are all people who are not too big to watch the excitement. At this time, they all talked like a joke.
Gu Longen also looked at Yang He, and said in a deep voice: “Yang He, I would like to accept the bet. Since you have lost to the little gentleman, you should take the bet as agreed.”
“What’s more, Mr. Xiao has already opened up to you, and only priced this painting at 70 million. You should know that the auction price of this “Withered Wood and Strange Rock”, which is imitated by Su Shi, is now at least 100 million. According to its true value If you do, you won’t lose 700 million, but over 1 billion.”

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