A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 407

At first, Yang He didn’t understand Ye Fan’s move to pay and invoice.
After suddenly realizing now, Yang He really had to trembled.
With such a meticulous mind, I’m afraid they are not as good as the old fritters that have been in the market for a long time.
At this time, Ye Fan was surrounded by more than a dozen rich people, and they competed to bid, expressing that they would buy the painting in Ye Fan’s hands.
After all, those who can enter here today are not ordinary people, and they are all rich and powerful people from all over the world with assets of over 100 million, even billions, or tens of billions.
Ordinary people want to save money in the bank, but for the rich, saving in the bank is the worst choice, and investing is the wisest way.
Just like the painting in Ye Fan’s hand, if they can buy it and sell it again in a few years, the price will undoubtedly soar by several percent.
What’s more, apart from the investment value, the artistic value of the painting itself is extremely rare.
If it is not that the funds in his hand are not enough, Gu Longen will definitely try to buy this painting and take it home for viewing. At that time, it will attract masters in the art world of the collectors to come to watch the meat. He Gu Longen will have more face in his circle.
“Mu… Mucheng, you… are you going to post?”
“No, it’s this hillbilly, it’s going to be posted!” First URL m.
“The things I bought in two hundred and five, this changed hands, it became more than one billion, which is hundreds of thousands of times.”
When Ye Fan was surrounded by the wealthy, Susie on the side was already completely sluggish.
Obviously, she didn’t expect that this Ye Fan would really have found a leak and used 250 yuan to buy a treasure worth hundreds of millions.
Even Susie couldn’t help but jealous.
Although his Su family’s assets had already exceeded 100 million, no matter how much the Su family’s assets were, it was his father’s. And Susie is now all supported by the family, and the money he can spend every year is only a few million.
But now, the poor country she looked down upon before, is worth hundreds of millions in a blink of an eye?
This feeling of heaven and earth made Susie feel unrealistic.
This…this is, is it getting rich overnight?
This is true even for Susie, not to mention Qiu Mucheng herself.
The goal Qiu Mucheng had set for herself was nothing more than an annual income of 500,000. As for one million or ten million, she couldn’t even think about it.
But now, suddenly her husband found something worth hundreds of millions, and Qiu Mucheng was completely confused at the time.
The brain is blank, almost unable to think.
Isn’t it, their family will be billionaires in the future?
From now on, Qiu Mucheng will no longer be the wife of a poor son-in-law, but also a rich wife?
Can she buy a big house of their own without having to squeeze into a building of dozens of square meters with her parents?
Grandpa, uncle, and Qiu Mucheng and everyone in the Qiu family, wouldn’t they look down on them anymore?
Qiu Mucheng’s mood was ups and downs, and her entire body was trembling slightly.
Obviously, this feeling of getting rich overnight makes Qiu Mucheng hard to accept in a short time.
What she could not believe was that Ye Fan really used 250 yuan to find a treasure worth hundreds of millions.
“Cici, you said, that painting, really…is it really the master of Chinese painting Zhang Daqian?”
“Or, Ye Fan, he really… really understands Jianbao?” Qiu Mucheng trembled without a voice.
After a long tremor, Susie gradually calmed down.
Until now, Susie still can’t accept that a poor country boy has turned into a billionaire.
This kind of thing only exists on TV, how could it really exist in reality.

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