A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 406

Gu Longen’s words made Yang He’s face undoubtedly paler in fright. He was lying on the ground like a dog, shaking all over, almost crying.
At this time, Yang He was full of regret. He did not expect that a broken painting that he thought was worthless would eventually become a treasure worth more than 100 million yuan. What’s more, what made Yang He vomit blood was that a bet that he thought would cost one million to die, turned out to be a huge bet of hundreds of millions, and it was himself who lost.
If he had known this a long time ago, he had been killed before, and he didn’t praise the kind of Haikou?
Now Yang He, it can be said that he lost his wife and broke down, and he has the heart to die!
But in the end, Yang He couldn’t help but bowed his head to admit his death, looked at Ye Fan with a sad expression, and said ashamed: “This gentleman, it was indeed me Yang He just now. The dog is looking at people. This time, I admit it. ”
“But, seven billion, I really can’t get it out.”
“Even if I sell the entire Babao Pavilion, I really can’t make so much money.”
“But don’t worry, Mr. Yang, I recognize this debt.”
“I just hope that the little man will give me some time so that I can slowly collect the money to pay back!”
“It’s not ten years, then twenty years, thirty years.” Remember to read in one second
“I’m dead, then let my son, my grandson, continue to pay!”
“As long as the sign of my Babao Pavilion is still there, we will never lose this debt.”
“In this card, there are three million, which is all the money I can put out now. It is regarded as my husband’s first payment.”
“Once I have money in the future, I will continue to pay it back!”
Yang He said in a deep voice, even though he was bleeding in his heart, he still gritted his teeth and gave the bank card to Ye Fan.
After all, I am willing to bet. What’s more, if Yang He wants to continue to mix in this antique world, he can’t deny his account, let alone dare to deny it!
Yang He’s reaction surprised Ye Fan slightly.
He thought that Yang He would be as shameless as his son.
“Unexpectedly, Boss Yang is also a bloody man.”
“Forget it, get up.”
“Just made a joke to you, the seven hundred million, don’t need to give it. If you really feel guilty, donate more money on weekdays and do more good deeds.”
Ye Fan didn’t really want Yang He to honor his bet and pay the seven hundred million. Just now he was just scaring him and teaching him a lesson.
After all, this Yang He was unlucky enough today. The tens of millions of things he collected turned out to be inferior products. He sold hundreds of millions of paintings by two hundred and five. These two things alone are estimated to be enough to make Yang He collapse. Let him carry a debt of hundreds of millions, he won’t have to jump off the building tomorrow?
“Mr. Xie Xiao, Mr. Xie~”
“In the future, Mr. Yang will be my benefactor of Yang He, my new parents!”
Yang He cried, he was grateful to Ye Fan, and he almost called to his father.
Originally, he had already accepted his fate, but who would have thought that the situation would turn around, and if several hundred million Ye Fans said no, they would not.
When happiness comes too suddenly, Yang He is of course excited.
Ye Fan didn’t say anything more, but just advised Yang He to be a calm person and a kind person in the future.
Less snobbery, more calm.
After that, Ye Fan started painting with ef08c4ff, turned and left.
Upon seeing this, the crowd of wealthy people onlookers hurriedly stepped forward to stop them, all with their eyes filled with flattering smiles: “This little gentleman, I don’t know if you have any intention to sell the painting. I will buy you for 70 million, and cash transfers are fine. Paying for the premises is also OK!”
“Mr. Wang, do you think you are a fool? President Gu said, this painting is worth 100 million, you want to buy 70 million? It’s not sincere. Mr., I will give you 100 million, this I will accept the painting.”
“One hundred million? This painting was more than one hundred million three years ago.”
“Little sir, I pay 130 million and sell it to me!”
“I will give one hundred and forty million, plus a villa in the provincial capital Jianghai!”
“Sell it to me, I will pay 150 million yuan~”
After a while, these wealthy people have already quarreled, one is higher than the one shouting, and the other is louder than the other, it is almost a fight.
Listening to the bidding of hundreds of millions in front of him, Yang He next to him was already in tears, and he felt bitter.
He sold a thing worth more than two hundred million yuan?
He used to laugh at Ye Fan for two hundred and five, but now it seems that he is the real two hundred and five!
Yang He at this time, his intestines are already regretful.
But there is no way, the rules are here, the painting has been bought by Ye Fan, and the invoice has been printed, he just regrets it again, it is too late.
Up to now, Yang He finally understood why Ye Fan had to use money to buy it before invoicing.
This is to prevent him from regretting with jealousy!

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