A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 409

“It’s ridiculous!”
“shut up.”
“How can business matters be your temper?”
“My father and I usually spoil you too much to make you so self-willed.”
Susie’s voice was so loud that many people heard it.
Now is the crucial time for her father and Ye Fan to buy the paintings. Susie’s words will probably disrupt the deal between her father and Ye Fan. Of course, Sunan is angry and reprimands Susie again.
In front of him, Su Yuanshan, who was begging Ye Fan for his paintings, undoubtedly heard his daughter’s unruly and willful words at this time, and frowned unconsciously.
“President Su, it seems that your daughter, don’t want you to make this trade with me?” Ye Fan said with a smile on his mouth.
Su Yuanshan’s face was naturally even more ugly, and there was a hint of anger in his expression. It was obvious that Susie’s current willfulness made him extremely unhappy as a father.
However, after all, Su Yuanshan has a long history of shopping malls and a mature temperament. He quickly controlled his emotions. He still smiled friendly to Ye Fan: “Brother Ye, I made you laugh.”
“My daughter is spoiled by me, so she will be so self-willed.” Remember to read for a second
“However, I am still the head of the Su family. Her words are of no importance at all. You don’t have to care.”
“I bought this painting of the little brother for two hundred million. I don’t know what the little brother wants?”
“If I can, I can pay the deposit to the little brother immediately.”
Su Yuanshan’s tone was very polite, and he didn’t have any pretensions. With such affinity, no wonder Su Yuanshan can open the company so big.
“Two hundred million, little sir, the price is fair.”
“Even if this painting is put on auction, it will cost about 200 million yuan.” Gu Longen on the side nodded after hearing Su Yuanshan’s offer, and then slowly said to Ye Fan.
“Haha, thank you old man.” Su Yuanshan was also overjoyed and quickly thanked Gu Longen.
However, facing Su Yuanshan’s purchase, Ye Fan only smiled faintly, and then shook his head.
Su Yuanshan was a little embarrassed when he saw this.
The price of 200 million yuan was fair enough in Su Yuanshan’s view, but he didn’t expect Ye Fan to refuse it.
Seeing this, Gu Longen was also slightly surprised.
Although Ye Fan had seen this painting and bought it by Ye Fan, what Su Yuanshan said helped Ye Fan. Without the two hundred dollars at the critical moment of Su Yuanshan, Ye Fan would never get this. Picture.
So, even for the sake of this matter, anyone with a sense of love will sell it to Su Yuanshan even if it is lower than the market price. What’s more, is the price Su Yuanshan opened right now, which is very fair?
Now Ye Fan actually refused, and had to make Gu Longen’s impression of him greatly reduced.
Others also shook their heads and discussed, 754fc5d3 felt that Ye Fan didn’t understand human relations and was not righteous enough, and only had money in his eyes.
“Mr. Ye, the price of two billion yuan, if you think it is less, I can add more.”
“I really like this painting, and I really want it.”
Su Yuanshan continued to speak, but compared with before, his tone was a bit less cordial, a bit more polite and alienated.
Ye Fan smiled again: “President Su, I’m afraid you have misunderstood.”
“You like this, I’ll send it to you directly, why would I charge you?”
“This painting, you…you want to give it to me?”
Ye Fan’s move obviously exceeded everyone’s expectations.
Even Su Yuanshan, the whole person was shocked, eyes trembled.
Gu Longen immediately raised his head, his old eyes shrinking, looking at the young man in front of him.
Others also felt incredible.
The whole exhibition hall is silent.
Two hundred million things, send directly?
Does he treat money like dirt? Or are they stupid?
“If it hadn’t been for Mr. Su to give charcoal in the snow and lend me two hundred dollars when I was in trouble, how could this painting fall into my hands?”
“I Ye Fan said, I will remember this favor.”
“What’s more, I’m not interested in calligraphy and painting. This painting is in my hands, it is also a violent thing. Since Mr. Su likes it, just take it.”

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