A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 410

Ye Fan said lightly, completely looking calm and calm.
It is as if what was given out at this time was not two hundred million, but two yuan.
Even these rich people present, I am afraid that there is absolutely no one, like Ye Fan, so bold and broad, one gift is directly 200 million.
“This…this doesn’t work, Brother Ye.”
“We have one thing into one thing.”
“Besides, I gave you the two hundred dollars, and the things you bought are naturally yours.”
“This is too expensive, I…I can’t take it, I can’t take it.”
Perhaps it was because of being too excited, or perhaps because of being too surprised and shocked. At this time, the old man who had been shopping malls was not calm, and his excited words were uncomfortable.
“Brother Ye, listen to me, give me this picture, and I will give you 200 million.”
“If you can sell me such a precious painting, it will be enough to pay back my favor.”
If Ye Fan wants to send it, Su Yuanshan will naturally not accept it. First URL m.
After all, this favor is too big, two hundred million, this is a huge sum of money to him, let alone Ye Fan who came from the countryside?
Facing Su Yuanshan’s refusal, Ye Fan shook his head and said with regret: “It’s impossible to sell, and I won’t take the money. If President Su insists on not accepting it, I can only take this painting back and put it under the bed. Anyway, we are a rural driver who doesn’t know how to preserve ancient paintings. It’s rotten in my hands.
While speaking, Ye Fan picked up the words, turned around and was about to leave.
“Little sir, no~”
“This is a gem of my Chinese art world!”
Hearing what Ye Fan said, Gu Longen was anxious and urged Su Yuanshan quickly, “Mr. Su, if you want to send it, you just accept it? Can you just keep it with you?”
“Okay.” Su Yuanshan finally nodded and accepted the painting without spending money. At the same time, he said, “Brother Ye, I remember this favor from Su Yuanshan. If you have anything in Yunzhou in the future, you can always let me know. Su Yuanshan is on call.”
In the end, Su Yuanshan accepted the painting. Ye Fan did not ask for a dime as he said. Even if Su Yuanshan said appropriate tens of millions, Ye Fan didn’t want it.
This is a gift, and if you receive money, the nature is different.
Besides, isn’t it two hundred million? Ye Fan really doesn’t care about the money.
Regarding this, the others looked at it with envy, jealousy and hatred, full of regret.
I regretted that I looked at people at first, and ignored Ye Fan’s previous borrowing.
If they had lent two hundred yuan to Ye Fan at the beginning, now these two hundred million paintings are probably given to them, not Su Yuanshan!
Seeing such a big opportunity and passing by, how can these rich people not regret it?
The intestines are green!
Ye Fan’s behavior not only made everyone regret, but also deeply convinced Old Man Gu Longen.
Even if Ye Fan and the others were about to leave, Gu Longen had been following Ye Fan, insisting on letting Ye Fan be his teacher. But Ye Fan didn’t accept it at all.
“Little sir, please accept me as an apprentice.”
“Regardless of Jianbao’s vision or character, you are a role model and role model worthy of my Gulongen.”
“The collectors are masters, and I have too much of Gurungen’s deficiency. I only hope that the young man can be my teacher and preach for me!”
Su Yuanshan and the others couldn’t stand it anymore, and they also persuaded them: “Brother Ye, for the sake of being so sincere about the ancients, why don’t you just accept the ancients?”
But Ye Fan was helpless: “Mr. Su, aren’t you embarrassing me?”
“I really don’t know anything about Jian Bao.”
Guroun: “…”
Su Yuanshan: “…..”
Everyone present was speechless.

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