A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 41

In an instant, the eyes of everyone in the audience forgot to pass, and Qiu Mucheng’s heart suddenly became tense.
“My last name, Chu.”
At the moment the words fell, Qiu Mucheng’s eyes dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Sure enough, she thought too much.
“Mr. Chu, you spent 10,000 gold tonight and bought at a premium for many times. Do you really not feel distressed at all?” The auctioneer was obviously trying to get close to big customers like Ye Fan, and he specially gave it after the auction ended. Ye Fan had a chance to speak and pretend.
Ye Fan did his part, and immediately walked onto the booth at the invitation of the auctioneer.
“Distressed?” Ye Fan shook his head and smiled on the high platform.
“Why do I feel bad?”
“Money, if it is not spent, is it different from waste paper? Only when money is spent will it truly reflect its value.”
“What’s more, the two million I spent tonight may be insignificant to me, but for the people in difficulty in the mountainous area, it may be the life-saving straw after falling into the water, a clear spring in the desert. ”
“Drinking water thinks about the source. When I have enough food and clothing, what I miss most is the poor people in the mountainous area.”
“Thanks to the organizer for giving us the opportunity to devote love. I am willing to run towards happiness with everyone. We are all dream catchers.”
Applause, thunderous applause.
“Too touched?”
“Is this the really rich person?”
“This is your feelings!”
“I’m crying, how about you?”
Ye Fan’s words were magnificent, and the whole person’s style suddenly sublimated, and the audience boiled again.
Even Li Er, the tycoon of Yunzhou, listened to his heart with a humiliation.
I thought that Mr. Chu was amazing.
In this state of mind alone, if he doesn’t achieve great things, who can do great things?
“Tonight, for me, it is destined to be a night worth remembering.”
“All this is because I helped the most beautiful mountain child and met the most beautiful girl tonight!”
Ye Fan’s voice continued to echo, and he stood with his hands behind his hands, looking proudly.
Halo looked at the people below, and finally fell on Qiu Mucheng’s body, but never looked away.
But Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face flushed, she didn’t dare to look directly at Ye Fan at all.
“Miss, Mr. Chu is spending millions of dollars just to make you smile. I wonder if you can move the driver’s platform and talk about your feelings?”
This auctioneer is also a good person, and took the opportunity to send out an invitation like Qiu Mucheng.
But everyone else around started booing.

As the saying goes, watching the excitement is not too big a problem, for a time the entire hall is full of noise.
Finally, Qiu Mucheng’s face flushed, and she stepped up to the platform.
Just when everyone thought that a good relationship was about to be achieved, and the woman in front of her would throw her arms in her arms, who would have thought that Qiu Mucheng nodded slightly and said apologetically, “Mr. Chu, thank you for your kindness tonight.”
“It’s just, I’m really sorry. I’m afraid I can’t accept it, just because you are not Ye Fan.”
After speaking, Qiu Mucheng turned around and ran out, leaving only a silent depression behind him.
Everyone looked at each other, obviously the development of the matter exceeded everyone’s expectations.
Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s back, Ye Fan also gave a wry smile.
To be honest, he was really going to take off his mask just now, and told her in front of everyone that I am Ye Fan and I am your Qiu Mucheng’s man, and I can give you all the good things.
But who could have thought that Qiu Mucheng never gave Ye Fan a chance to reveal his identity.
However, it was exactly the same, let Ye Fan cherish this stunning and intoxicating woman even more.
Qiu Mucheng had already left, and Ye Fan didn’t have the point of staying anymore, even if she stepped down to leave.
However, who would have thought that when Ye Fan descended the steps, a woman rushed up and tore off Ye Fan’s face mask.
In an instant, Ye Fan’s true face was immediately exposed to everyone’s sight.
“Sure enough, it’s you?”
“Before the light was too dim and I didn’t recognize you. I felt a little familiar as soon as you came on stage. Now your ugly mask has been removed by me. How can I pretend you do?

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