A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 414

Unable to help Ye Fan say anything, Su Yuanshan took Ye Fan’s hand and walked towards the nearby restaurant, looking at Ye Fan with joy.
After all, who doesn’t like capable people?
After seeing the magical powers of Ye Fan Jianbao, Su Yuanshan thought about accepting Ye Fan as a righteous son. In the future, he would not worry about being deceived by buying antiques.
Now that Ye Fan became a son-in-law, that would be even better.
They all say that a son-in-law is half a son. In the future, he will not believe that the son-in-law Ye Fan is not listening obediently.
Su Yuanshan is undoubtedly happy. Not only did he get a 200 million rare painting today, he also picked up a good son-in-law. Su Yuanshan is of course happy.
This is so profitable!
Seeing her husband becoming the son-in-law of someone else’s house, Qiu Mucheng behind was maddened.
Susie also knew that things had messed up, and kept apologizing to Qiu Mucheng: “Chengcheng, don’t be angry, listen to me~”
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“Suzy, look at your good deeds?”
“It’s okay for your family to take the two hundred million paintings. My husband, you also want to take it for yourself.”
“I’m furious!”
“I’m telling you, if you don’t explain this matter to your father, I…I’ll break your relationship with you!” Qiu Mucheng was obviously furious, her jade foot stomped on the ground and said angrily to Susie. , Full of resentment.
Susie’s eyes were full of bitterness. Facing Qiu Mucheng’s anger, she also knew she was ashamed, and she kept apologizing, saying that she would explain it clearly.
Subsequently, Susie and the two also chased their father to the restaurant.
“Go and tell me clearly!”
Qiu Mucheng pushed Susie behind, asking her to quickly explain to his father.
“Mucheng, I…I don’t dare~” Susie was afraid that after his father knew that they had been lying to him, she would beat her again in furious anger, and she was naturally very aggressive.
“If you don’t tell me, I’ll tell you!” Qiu Mucheng was angry and moved forward.
“Don’t, Mucheng, can’t I go?” Susie hurriedly grabbed Qiu Mucheng, and then walked up with the ducks on the shelf.
“Dad, in fact, Ye Fan…he…” Su Qian stammered, lowering her head in a panic.
Su Yuanshan suddenly smiled when he saw this, thinking that his daughter was shy: “Cici, I know, you don’t have to say it if you are embarrassed.”
“Ah? Do you know it?” Susie was shocked at the time.
“Yeah, don’t you just want to say that Ye Fan is very good, he is very good, you like him very much, do you want to marry him?”
“This dad knows that the dad doesn’t know his daughter?”
“Quickly, you go over and sit next to Ye Fan. Today, your father and I must take this golden turtle son-in-law.”
“Dad, I~~” Susie was almost crying, when did she say Ye Fan was excellent? When did you say that you like him and want to marry him?
“What am I? Go ahead, why is it so exciting. Xiao Nan, quickly take your sister over and sit next to my son-in-law.”
While Su Yuanshan spoke, he smiled at Ye Fan: “Brother Ye, my daughter is thin-skinned and shy. But she told me just now, she also thinks you are very good and excellent, likes you very much, and wants to marry What about you?”
“You see what I said is right.”
“This bittern has some tofu, one thing drops one thing.”
“It’s like my daughter, who can’t dominate and domineering, but when you meet Brother Ye, you have conquered it after a long time?”
Su Yuanshan laughed.
But Ye Fan’s old eyes widened at the time: “What…what…what?”
“What are you talking about, she…she likes me, and… still wants to marry me?”
“She… did she really say that?”
Ye Fan was dumbfounded at that time, and the whole person was fascinated. Didn’t Susie, a woman who hate herself particularly often, why did she boast about her father?
Is his identity exposed?
Or is this Susie, who really has a crush on herself again, always ready to dig into the corner of Mucheng?
Thinking of this, Ye Fanton felt bad and raised his head to look at Qiu Mucheng on the side.
Sure enough, Qiu Mucheng flushed with anger at this moment, and stared at her girlfriend Susie fiercely.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t expect that not only did her best friend not explain clearly to her father, but she also said that Ye Fan was excellent, that Ye Fan was very good, and was very satisfied with him? Still marry him?

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