A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 413

Susie dared to disobey her father’s angry rebuke, so she had to hide her full complaint of 156551f6 in her heart, and at the same time looked at Qiu Mucheng apologetically, her guilty eyes, as if she were talking to Qiu Mucheng.
Mucheng, don’t take it seriously~
I definitely won’t marry Ye Fan, won’t steal your husband, let alone give birth to him.
But no matter how guilty Susie was, and how sorry she was on her expression, this could not weaken the anger in Qiu Mucheng’s heart at this time.
After all, my husband is now being dragged by someone to go on a blind date with another woman. The key is that the woman is my best girlfriend. Who is the one who has resentment in his heart?
This is also because Qiu Mucheng has a good temper, otherwise, if she changes to another woman, she would have doubted Susie’s motives a long time ago?
Susie can no longer count on this side. This dead woman usually looks like she is not afraid of fear, but in front of her father, she is eager to die, and now she bows her head and dares not say a word Say.
Therefore, Qiu Mucheng had to put hope on Ye Fan herself.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng stared at Ye Fan with her cold eyes, like a knife resting on Ye Fan’s neck, but if Ye Fan had a little bit of disloyalty to her, she would definitely make him look good. !
Ye Fan naturally felt the cold chill behind him, and his body shivered.
Although Ye Fan was still stunned with Qiu Mucheng, both of them knew that no matter how dissatisfied the husband and wife were, and how they were dissatisfied with each other, there was a limit. First URL m.
That is, never do things that are unfaithful to the other party.
Just like Sun Yuhao’s pursuit of Qiu Mucheng before, no matter how Han Li and his wife matched them, Qiu Mucheng always adhered to the bottom line.
Now that he changed to Ye Fan, Ye Fan certainly wouldn’t really agree to the marriage of Su Yuanshan.
Therefore, facing the kindness of Su Yuanshan, Ye Fan repeatedly shook his head and declined: “Mr. Su, this…this, I think it’s really inappropriate.”
“Huh?” Seeing Ye Fan’s rejection, the smile on Su Yuanshan’s face disappeared, and his brows were frowned. No matter who his daughter was rejected, his mood would not be beautiful, just like Su Yuanshan now He stared, “What does Brother Ye mean? Do you think my daughter is not worthy of Brother Ye?”
“No, no~ of course not.” Seeing Su Yuanshan, Ye Fan quickly explained, “Mr. Su really misunderstood. As I said just now, I am only a farmer family in the countryside. It would be nice to have a woman marry me, I will not pick.”
“But Miss Su, but she is a daughter of a wealthy family, with golden branches and leaves. President Su can value me and is willing to marry my daughter. I am flattered by Ye Fan, but I really can’t accept it.”
“How can I, Ye Fan, how can I be worthy of Miss Su?”
“Moreover, even if I was willing, Miss Su would not.”
“Twisted melon won’t be sweet.”
Ye Fan talked a lot, but for the same reason, he is not good enough for your daughter, and your daughter also dislikes me, so don’t make a mess of matchmaking, it will kill you.
Upon hearing Ye Fan’s words, Qiu Mucheng’s expression softened, and the chill in her eyebrows faded a bit.
This bastard has a conscience.
Susie also breathed a long sigh of relief, but at the same time, she became more proud, holding her hand high, and snorted: “You are a country boy who knows herself well and knows that she is not worthy of this lady~”
However, just after Susie said this, Su Yuanshan over there smiled.
“Brother Ye, you are really humble.”
“You are young and promising, and you have earned two to three billion in one day. The future is boundless. If you don’t dislike my daughter, I will burn incense. How can my daughter dislike you?”
“Since Brother Ye doesn’t pick his wife, and thinks my daughter looks pretty good, then I think this marriage is really set.”
“The next day, you ask your parents to come, we will make an appointment for the wedding, be engaged first, then get married.”
“From now on, your kid will be my son-in-law.”
“Go, son-in-law, today the old father-in-law invites you to dinner, don’t go back and do it yourself.”

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