A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 418

Ye Fan can remember that Han Shaojie was mocking himself in the Babao Pavilion before.
Now that Feng Shui turns around, Ye Fan will naturally not be polite, and he has returned the irony of Han Shaojie to him just now.
Ye Fan’s words made Han Shaojie blush.
However, Han Shaojie is not a narrow-minded person. At this time, he stepped forward and said apologetically to Ye Fan: “Brother Fan, what happened before was my fault. Han Shaojie is not as good as other people. I made jokes and offended. Brother Fan. I hope Brother Fan can forgive me.”
“Brother Fan Jianbao didn’t even need to get started. He just looked at it with the naked eye and knocked the boss of the Eight Treasure Pavilion Yang on his knees. This vision really opened my eyes to me, brother, beyond the reach.”
“For Brother Fan, Han Shaojie is convinced.”
“In front of Brother Fan, where would I dare to call myself a master?”
Han Shaojie talked again and again, ashamed and ashamed. Obviously, in the morning, Ye Fan’s ability undoubtedly completely convinced Han Shaojie. Now he has only one word for Ye Fan.
Ye Fan appreciates Han Shaojie’s refreshment.
“Forget it, it’s all trivial things. Let’s expose everything before, I won’t care.”
“But I really don’t know anything about gambling on rocks, so you asked me to look at it. Obviously, I was looking for the wrong person. It’s better to find someone else to help.” Remember to read for a second http://m.kanshu8. net
Ye Fan waved his hand, but refused Shen Fei’s invitation based on this.
But after hearing what Ye Fan said, Qiu Mucheng suddenly asked, “So, do you really know how to appreciate antique calligraphy and painting?”
Ye Fan still shook his head, “I said, I don’t know anything about Jianbao.”
Qiu Mucheng: “……”
Shen Fei: “…..”
Ye Fan’s words undoubtedly caused everyone to choke silently again, and Shen Fei and others’ eyes twitched.
Is this guy pretending to be forced?
Originally, Shen Fei really thought that Ye Fan didn’t know anything about betting on stones, but now that he heard what Ye Fan said, Shen Fei obviously didn’t think so.
Ye Fan said that he didn’t know anything about antiques, so he recognized Zhang Daqian’s rare calligraphy and painting at a glance.
Now that I don’t know anything about gambling on stones, how can I see a piece of emperor green coming?
Therefore, Shen Fei will naturally not give up. He must ask Ye Fan to give him a palm anyway. Can you turn
Physically, he can count on Ye Fan.
But Ye Fan just didn’t go.
“I said, I don’t know how to bet on rocks, I’m not interested in this.”
“You go and find someone else. I have to go shopping with my wife.”
Ye Fan was also very annoyed by Shen Fei, and he had already driven him out.
“Master Shen, this = diamond ring, let me return it to you.”
“It’s too expensive, we can’t collect it.”
Qiu Mucheng remembered the ring at this moment, so she took it off and prepared to return it to Shen Fei.
Shen Fei stared at that time: “Sister-in-law, what do you mean?”
“Do you look down on me Shen Fei?”
“What I gave my sister-in-law, is there any reason to come back?!”
“No, no, Master Shen, I didn’t mean to look down on you. It’s just that this ring is the property of your company after all. You give it to us directly, I’m afraid you will not be able to explain it to the company. As far as I know, Shen’s jewelry Are there other people’s shares?” Qiu Mucheng whispered.
However, Shen Fei waved his hand boldly: “It’s okay, I can handle this little thing. Isn’t it a few million? Just as I bought it from the company and gave it to my sister-in-law. At the company’s side, my sister-in-law need not worry. ”
“This… isn’t this bad?” Qiu Mucheng still didn’t want to take it.
At this time, Ye Fan came over and slowly said, “Mucheng, Master Shen said it was given to you, so you just accept it.”
“Yes, sister-in-law, Brother Fan has spoken, just keep it.” Shen Fei also persuaded.
At this time, Ye Fan looked at Shen Fei, and continued: “What floor is the gambling stone you mentioned? Lead the way ahead. Anyway, you’re shopping everywhere. Just go and have a look. Mucheng, are you okay?”
“Haha~ Brother Fan, did you agree?” Shen Fei was so happy at the time, and when excited, he opened his hand to give Ye Fan a big bear hug.
Ye Fan took a step left and quickly avoided: “You fellow, what do you want to do?”
“Do it!”
“Except for my wife who can do something to me, no one else can. You hear me?”
Ye Fan gave a cold drink, and Shen Fei, Han Shaojie and others suddenly smiled unkindly. The gazes that looked at Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng were obviously a bit wretched.
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face turned red even after brushing it.
This shameless bastard!

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