A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 427

Ye Fan didn’t say anything more, people didn’t believe him, and it was useless to say it.
He simply stood on the side, watching with his hands in his pockets, as if watching a play.
This guy Shen Fei, kindly acted as a donkey.
You will cry later!
Ye Fan whispered coldly.
At this time, the auctioneer had asked many times: “21 million, this Mr. Sun bid 21 million, is there any higher?”
“If not, this rough piece of excellent condition belongs to Mr. Sun.”
When asked this, everyone’s eyes fell on Shen Fei’s body.
After all, these people present have the courage to bid for a stone at a premium several times, so I am afraid it is Shen Fei himself.
“A Fei, don’t froze.”
“Just as I said before, increase the price by 5 million, and use the momentum of thunder to completely deter Sun Yuhao!” Remember to read in one second
“Okay!” Shen Fei also immediately agreed, and then took a step forward, raising a card and making a domineering bid: “Wait!”
“I paid 26 million for this rough stone.”
“I just ask, who else is there who wants to bid with Ben Shao?”
What is heroic?
This bc58e937 is heroic!
What is domineering?
This is domineering!
Sure enough, after Shen Fei’s bid, the surging momentum undoubtedly shocked the audience. The entire exhibition hall was silent, and the jade hands of the auctioneer were shocked and covered their red lips. No one was bidding with Shen Fei!
As the auctioneer dropped the hammer, the No. 2 rough stone, which started at 6 million yuan, ended up at a premium of 20 million yuan and was collected by Shen Fei.
The Shen family’s financial resources once again shocked everyone, and many people turned to Shen Fei with envy and respect.
“Shaojie, how is it?”
“My young master’s momentum just now is okay?”
In this auction, Shen Fei gained both fame and fortune, of course he was happy.
But at this time, Sun Yuhao, who was not far away, looked in the direction of Shen Fei and smiled softly:
“Master Shen is really proud, my grandson is willing to bow down.”
“Congratulations, Master Shen, for getting the No. 2 rough as you wish.”
“It’s just that it’s not as good as everyone’s pleasure. Since Young Master Shen has already got the rough stone, why not let the stone be solved on the spot and let us all follow suit?”
“Look at what kind of jadeite is hidden under the rough stone that makes Young Master Shen so optimistic?”
Sun Yuhao pretended to flatter, but he stunned everyone and asked Shen Fei to lay the stone on the spot.
Of course, Shen Fei could see the coldness in Sun Yuhao’s words: “You terrapin, don’t you think that the young master doesn’t know what you think?”
“Don’t you just fight for money and have not worked hard for me, don’t you feel convinced? You just think that after I lay the stone, what comes out is fast waste, does it look like a joke?”
“Okay, today my young master is in a good mood, so he will follow your wishes.”
“Today, I, Shen Fei, laid the stone on the spot to open your eyes.”
“After a while, I’ll stare wide-eyed.”
Shen Fei smiled confidently, and then let people take the stone to the calcite platform, and professionals will perform on-site calcination.
“Master Shen, wipe or cut?” The staff looked at Shen Fei.
“Nonsense, of course it’s rubbing!”
“The 20 million rough stone, what should you do if you cut it for me?” Shen Fei was so angry that he kicked the staff member.
However, the staff wiped them for half an hour, and their hands were almost worn out. Except for a little green in the python belt, there was no green at all.
“Master Shen, do you want to wipe it?”
“I see, it won’t necessarily turn green when it’s dark!” Sun Yuhao watched from a distance, but said sarcastically.
But the others didn’t speak, they all watched nervously.
After all, only a small part of it has been wiped now, and it is still very likely that this rough stone will appear green.
However, Shen Fei couldn’t wait, and asked Han Shaojie to go up and draw a white line somewhere on the surface of the stone.
“Along here, cut!”
“Today, this young master has to hit someone in the face with naked reality!”

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