A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 428

Shen Fei spoke proudly, speaking boldly.
Han Shaojie is also in the chest, and at this time he said proudly: “Sister-in-law, Brother Fan, watch it carefully for a while. When the stone becomes gold, it will be 99d55ae5, and it will be here soon!”
The words fell, and the hum of the cutting machine immediately sounded.
The staff was manipulating a precision instrument and immediately cut along the white line.
“Bah Bah Bah~”
Amidst the deafening sound, a white mist suddenly shot from the incision.
Finally, as the saw blade cuts to the end, the rough stone on the table is like tofu, and it splits in half, revealing two shriveled gray sections.
When everyone saw this, they were shocked.
“It’s broken, it’s broken~” The starting website m.
“It’s just scrap.”
“No green at all!”
Among the crowd, many people had already yelled out in surprise, and many of them even grinned with glee.
“This… how is this possible?” Han Shaojie stayed in place instantly.
Shen Fei’s face turned pale even with a sigh.
As pale as paper!
“This… how could this happen?”
“The 20 million rough stone… actually collapsed?”
“Impossible, solve it again!”
Shen Fei was not reconciled, but continued to let the workers cut.
However, I saw that this piece of rough was unloaded, but apart from the green python bands on the surface, there was no green at all in it, it was just a piece of waste.
In other words, Shen Fei bought a stone for 26 million!
Shen Fei’s brain was white at the time, and his body staggered a few steps before almost falling.
And Han Shaojie made a plop and lay directly on the ground.
Obviously, the two of them did not expect that this No. 2 rough stone is really a piece of waste!
What Ye Fan said just now is actually true? !
“Master Shen, what’s the matter with you, how ugly is your face?”
“Why did the arrogance just now disappear.”
“But to be honest, I really admire Master Shen, Sun Yuhao, and bought a broken stone for 26 million.”
“If you want a stone, tell me, I will transport you a ton tomorrow.”
“Haha, a broken stone, my Sun Yuhao knew at first sight that he would collapse, so people like Master Shen treat a piece of scrap as a treasure!”
Sun Yuhao smiled wantonly, looking at Shen Fei as if looking at an idiot. At this time, there were a lot of sneers in the whole exhibition hall, and now Shen Fei has become a joke of the audience.
“Asshole, you yin to me~”
“You have deliberately set off on Lao Tzu!”
When Shen Fei heard Sun Yuhao’s words, he knew instantly, his eyes were red at the time, and his canthus was about to split.
Sun Yuhao smiled grinningly: “Master Shen, you are stupid, and you don’t have enough kung fu at home, so don’t blame others.”
“I advise you to take your wimpy friend and go home earlier.”
“This gambling is not something everyone can participate in.”
“Today’s 26 million is considered a tuition fee.”
Sun Yuhao smiled coldly and looked at Shen Fei with cold eyes.
Shen Fei, Shen Fei, to blame, blame you for being too close to that wimp!
Originally, Sun Yuhao and Shen Fei did not know each other and had no grudges.
But there is no way, who made him walk so close to Ye Fan.
Sun Yuhao was worried that he couldn’t clean up Ye Fan. Right now, Sun Yuhao simply moved all the resentment towards Ye Fan in his heart to Shen Fei.

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