A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 431

“Go away~”
Ye Fan’s curse still echoed here. After speaking, Ye Fan only felt that the whole world was quiet, and the air in front of him almost stagnated.
Shen Fei next to him was dumbfounded, wondering when his Brother Fan was so good? Do you dare to scold your wife?
However, Shen Fei’s admiration did not last long. Almost the next moment, Ye Fan’s face wilted, and he quickly put down his phone and apologized to Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, I…I am not scolding you, I said It’s Shen Fei and the others, you have to understand me~”
However, Qiu Mucheng was obviously very angry, her stunningly pretty face expressionless, and she turned her head to leave: “Okay, I’ll get out.”
“Don’t, Mucheng.” Ye Fan hurriedly begged for mercy, and Shen Fei and the others hurriedly helped Ye Fan to say good things when they saw it, and they persuaded Qiu Mucheng to come down.
As for helping Shen Fei, Qiu Mucheng had spoken just now, and Ye Fan had to obey. Think of it as a face to your wife.
“18 million, No. 6 rough, Shaoye Sun bid 18 million, is there any higher bid?”
At this moment, the excited voice of the auctioneer came from ahead.
It seems that the auction has already reached the bidding for the 6th rough stone. And Sun Yuhao bid the highest and once again became the focus of the audience.
At this time, Sun Yuhao’s eyes were full of arrogance, and he was full of spirits. First URL m.
Shen Fei watched from the side, but gritted his teeth with hatred in his heart;
“Brother Fan, what should I do?”
“Do you want to make a move?”
“I just can’t understand the arrogance of this kid!”
The No. 6 rough stone is also one of the final stones of this jade auction, and it is also among Shen Fei’s candidates. Now that he heard that the auction has begun, he naturally couldn’t help but was a little eager to try.
Ye Fan nodded: “Don’t worry about me, just bid according to your 83c3a065 idea.”
“Don’t worry, I will give you some suggestions at the critical moment.”
“But I remind you in advance that I don’t know much about rough stones. Don’t blame me if you lose money.”
“That’s natural. As long as Brother Fan is willing to help me, and our brothers work together, there will be nothing in this world that we can make injustices.” Shen Fei laughed and regained his previous confidence.
After all, with Ye Fan as the backer, Shen Fei felt very at ease.
Since Ye Fan didn’t stop him from bidding for the No. 6 rough stone in front of him, it shows that Brother Fan is also very optimistic.
“Twenty million!”
No extra nonsense, Shen Fei directly offered a price of 20 million yuan.
“It’s Master Shen!”
“After Young Master Shen suffered a setback, he stood up again and spent a lot of money to bid openly with Young Master Sun.”
“I just don’t know how much financial resources Shen Shao can use to compete with Sun Dashao this time?”
The auctioneer deliberately used words to agitate the two and bid for jade, rendering it a competition between the two parties’ financial resources.
Seeing Master Shen still daring to bid, Sun Yuhao frowned, and then smiled: “Master Shen, why, haven’t you enough for the last loss?”
“A few minutes have passed this time, so you don’t have a long memory?”
“It’s still the same sentence. If I don’t have enough eyesight, I will go back and practice for a few years, and then come to fight with me. Otherwise, Young Master Shen is afraid that he will lose his fortune.” Sun Yuhao said coldly.
However, Shen Fei paid no attention to him. After asking 20 million, he continued to increase the price: “22 million!”
“God, 22 million!”
“Master Shen is worthy of being the prince of the Shen family, he bids with himself.”
“Sure enough!”
“It seems that Master Shen is bound to win the jade!” The auctioneer’s excited voice came out again.
Sun Yuhao frowned and his eyes were cold.
He was also extremely optimistic about this No. 6 jade, and naturally would not let it fall into Shen Fei’s hands.
Therefore, Sun Yuhao also bid to increase the price: “25 million!”
“Twenty-seven million!” Shen Fei was not afraid.
“I pay 30 million! Young Master Shen still dare to follow? If you follow, Master Shiben will let you.” Sun Yuhao smiled faintly.
“As you wish!” Shen Fei yelled coldly and wanted to bid, but Ye Fan stopped him.
“Okay, no need to follow.”

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