A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 432

“Brother Fan, Sun Yuhao is so fond of this stone. Obviously this rough stone must be green.”
“At the critical moment, how can you make me give up?”
“If I don’t follow, I will not only miss a piece of treasure, but also weaken my momentum.”
“Let others think that I can’t fight this Sun Yuhao, how will I get mixed up in Yunzhou in the future?” Shen Fei said anxiously.
Ye Fan still looked calm, and said lightly: “Trust me.”
“You can buy this rough stone for 30 million yuan. Not only can you not earn it, you have to pay.”
“This rough stone No. 6 has a little green on the left, and it is worth ten million at most.”
“For 30 million to buy, he will lose at least 20 million.”
“Of course, if you just want to pretend and don’t want to make money, do whatever you want.”
Ye Fan said with a chuckle, but Shen Fei and others were surprised. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Pay 20 million?”
“Brother Fan, are you serious about this?”
“This is the final rough stone. I missed it, but only the 8th and 9th stones are left for bidding.” Shen Fei was obviously reluctant to let go, still suspicious.
“I said, believe it or not.” Ye Fan said lightly.
Shen Fei hesitated for a moment, and gritted his teeth: “Okay, Brother Fan, listen to you.”
In the end, Shen Fei did not bid after all: “Sun Yuhao, this No. 6 rough stone, I will give it to you.”
“A stone that loses money, Ben Shao won’t grab it with you.”
When Sun Yuhao heard this, he suddenly smiled: “Master Shen, if we don’t have enough money, let’s just say that we don’t have enough money. Why do we have to find so many reasons?”
“If you do this, you will only appear to be more unbearable. It’s just a joke.”
Listening to the wanton laughter of Sun Yuhao and others, Shen Fei’s face was pale, gritted his teeth with hatred, and said inwardly.
“Sun Yuhao, you wait, there are two rough stones of No. 8 and No. 9 left, this young master is bound to get it.”
However, to Shen Fei’s surprise, Ye Fan directly asked him to give up on the eighth rough stone, not to participate in the auction.
“Brother Fan, isn’t the No. 8 rough, why did you give up?” Shen Fei was puzzled.
Ye Fan said: “Good is good, but there is better behind, don’t worry.”
When Shen Fei listened, he nodded: “That’s what I said. Sun Yuhao didn’t participate in the bidding for the No. 8 rough stone. Obviously, he had accumulated strength to grab the No. 9 rough stone.”
“In that case, Sun Yuhao, let’s fight the heights on the 9th rock?” Shen Fei secretly clenched his palms.
On the other side, Li Lao also said to Sun Yuhao: “Master, the rough stone No. 9 must work hard to get it. This rough stone is produced in Pakant Laochang in Myanmar. The quality of this rough stone is the best. Moreover, this piece The rough stone itself is also very good. Not only is it densely covered with python belts, but the skin is wrinkled like elephant skin. There is a great possibility of ice species. It might be possible to produce rare glass jadeite.”
Sun Yuhao nodded: “Well, Mr. Li, don’t worry.”
Finally, as the No. 8 rough stone was auctioned at a high price of 40 million yuan, the No. 9 rough stone officially began to be auctioned.
No. 9 rough is huge, weighing a hundred catties, even in the entire jade exhibition hall, such a huge rough is extremely rare.
“This No. 9 rough stone, I believe you have already carefully understood it just now.”
“I won’t say any more, now, the auction officially starts!”
“Starting price, 40 million yuan~”

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